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Journal jginspace's Journal: North Korean missiles were likely mock-ups

Shortly after this month's failed rocket launch, the North Koreans unveiled what appeared to be a new missile design at a military parade in Pyongyang. Now analysts have suggested they were clumsy mock-ups. Markus Schiller and Robert Schmucker noted [pdf] that each of the six missiles on display were slightly different, that they contained a mix of solid fuel and liquid fuel components and the casings showed undulations betraying the use of thin metal covering a basic frame.

Of more interest were the transporters. In the past the North Koreans have used Russian/Belorussian vehicles but in the April 15th parade new 16-wheel launchers were on display. They were most likely supplied by the Chinese - which would be a violation of UN sanctions - but the main talking point revolved around the observation that these launchers were actually designed to carry bigger missiles than those on display.

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North Korean missiles were likely mock-ups

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