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Journal jginspace's Journal: UN says North Korean 'fake missile' transporters supplied by China 2

In April I wrote about the North Korean missiles, likely sheet-metal mock-ups, on display at a parade shortly after the failed missile launch. Of particular note were the transporters, speculated to have been of Chinese origin, likely in breach of UN sanctions. The Chinese issued a denial, the UN said yes they did. The UN report is here [pdf].

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UN says North Korean 'fake missile' transporters supplied by China

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  • From the UN report

    The newly revealed missile was carried by a new 8-axle transporter erector launcher (see figure V), bigger and more sophisticated than previous transporter erector launchers displayed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which have had up to 6-axle configuration. An off-road mobile transporter erector launcher of such dimensions needs very advanced features such as the ability to pivot wheels in the front and back to assist steering, divided axle with differential gear to assist off-road movement, and hydro-pneumatic suspension to handle sensitive payloads. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has not previously demonstrated its capacity to build such a vehicle. The Panel will further examine this.

  • And this is what they had to say about the missiles:

    Analysts debate whether the KN-08s on display may have been mock-ups.

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