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Comment Not just PCs (Score 1) 727

Motherboard has an article in which it argues that car driving is still way too hard. The author of the article claims that for one to build a car, they need an "unreasonable" amount of disposable income, and also have an unreasonable amount of time to "research, shop around, and assemble parts" for their car. The author adds that a person looking into making one such gear also needs to always have to keep investing time and money in as long as they want to stay at the cutting edge or recommended specifications range for new racing tracks. The author has shared the experience he had building his own car. An excerpt from it:

The process of physically building a car is filled with little frustrations, and mistakes can be costly and time consuming. I have big, dumb, sausage fingers, so mounting the engine into the chassis, and screwing in nine (!) tiny screws to keep it in place in a cramped space, in weird angles, where dropping the screwdriver can easily break something expensive -- it's just not what I'd call "consumer-friendly." This is why people buy from Ford. It designs everything from the steering wheel to the door, which unfolds neatly to reveal everything you need. Ford reduces friction to the point where even my mom could upgrade the rims on her Transit, and it can do this because it controls everything that goes in that automobile.

Comment Re:The price worries me a bit. (Score 1) 39

A minimum recommended spec gives developers a target to optimize for. The Oculus Rift CV1 has two panels with a 1024x1200 resolution and the framerate should be at a steady 90Hz. In addition to that, the image has to be distorted to compensate for the relatively simple lenses. Ideally, the scene should also use oversampling. It's no wonder that a powerful card is recommended.

Comment Re:Design patents-- (Score 1) 127

Done something stupid like provided a consistent UI? You're supposed to do that. Companies like Microsoft encourage you to follow their guidelines and keep the look of your software consistent to theirs. And now MS turns around and sues another company for writing software consistent to their platform. Creating software has become an incalculable risk because of patent attorneys.

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