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Comment Re:Long term Id fan here... (Score 1) 172

You are correct and mfh is wrong. In fact, mfh is wrong in several of his posts, or at least says misleading things. Seems like he's got an axe to grind or something.

All that stuff went away when John Romero left,

Romero didn't "leave," he was fired.

This appears to be nothing more than an engine release that is dressed up a bit in order to sell the technology.

Ah yes, essentially the ol' "tech demo" charge, a claim as tired as it is dumb. People say it to sound cool, I guess, but if anyone actually believes it, they simply do not know what a tech demo is. And furthermore, since only developers who publish through Bethesda can use id Tech 5, it would be pretty idiotic to spend 6+ years and untold millions of dollars "dressing up an engine" to sell to buyers who may not exist.

There are a bunch of other engines around that do the job at way cheaper rates.

mfh is privy to how much Bethesda would charge to license the tech? Do tell!

Comment Re:Useless prediction (Score 1) 119

Eh, no he didn't. All he did was prove he didn't read the article. Here's one of John's quotes from it:

"So it looks like it’s parallel growth rather than one stealing from the other."

I'm not sure who SmallFurryCreature is supposed to be arguing against, but if you read the article, it's definitely not John Carmack.

Comment Re:It won't be long... (Score 1) 119

Except the iOS version of Rage is not the same as the PC/PS3/Xbox 360 version at all. I would definitely not call the iOS version a "high-end first person shooter."

"iOS versions are technically unrelated to the PC/console versions, just sharing some data." -- John Carmack via Twitter.

Also a nitpick: id Software has never spelled their name lower-case i, upper-case d.

Comment Re:Just Another Political Tyrade (Score 1, Insightful) 456

You're right (well, indirectly, anyway), but for reasons I doubt you realize. The reason we have the social problems we do is because we have such an incredibly strong sense of personal liberty. When you have a society which so strongly believes in personal liberties the way we do, along with things like the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness comes the downside of people having the liberty to do bad things to their fellow man. With *real* liberty comes the danger that some people will use that to do terrible things. But that's the price people like us are willing to pay for having such powerful personal liberties.

Meanwhile, you have much fewer personal liberties because you trade it for things like a "proper health care and social security system." That's fine, but stop fooling yourself into thinking that you somehow have it better - you've traded bad for good and good for bad just like we have, just in a different balance.

But your belief that your particular level of trading liberty for safety is more "civilized" is truly precious.

Comment Re:Pc version soon too? (Score 1) 102

Also, no other Rage title than this has been announced or spoken of.

Not true. From a Joystiq article:

Now that Rage: Mutant Bash TV has landed on the App Store, id Software's John Carmack is already talking about what's next for the developer on Apple's iOS platform: more Rage. Specifically, a game focusing on the driving aspect of Rage on consoles and PC (shown in the above screenshot).

"I think we have a really good idea of what we can do in this format, and I'm really excited about getting onto the next game, getting onto what we can do with another slice of Rage," Carmack told Joystiq today, going on to say: "Taking some of the wasteland material and having riding along in the dune buggies, jumping over ravines, that kind of stuff. There's more graphics stuff that we can bring in and add yet another level of improvement and polish to the visuals." If all goes as planned, the game will hit iOS before Rage arrives in stores.

Comment Re:It ain't space below 7km/s (Score 1) 185

It isn't people's opinions that matter, it's what you can do that matters.

With regard to the definition of where space begins? No, that has absolutely nothing to do with what can be done there.

There is a good reason why there's no industrial market for these flights.

Yep: cost. There are a great deal of researchers waiting to get their instruments into the "ignorosphere" once the cost allows it.

Comment Re:Spell Checking (Score 1) 1343

That would be perfectly consistent with using a spell checker and not realising that it's suggested a grammatically-incorrect but properly spelled word.

Like my damn iPhone always wanting to correct "its" to "it's" even when the former is correct in the context. It sure is tempting me to just turn auto-correct off altogether.

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