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Comment Re: EM Drive -v ION drive = 1st space robot wars (Score 1) 132

So, knowing nothing about the particulars of an emDrive...

What would it cost to get a 1kW 50kg half-height fridge a ride-along with you? Is this "ambitious Kickstarter" territory or "have a rich uncle Gates or Bezos" territory?

What are the primary driving constraints? Size? Weight? Power?

Thank you again for dropping in on Slashdot to discuss this.

Comment It's great to get a lecture from someone dead wron (Score 1) 210

Passwords should be long to be secure, and they should *allow* for upper and lower case, symbols, and numbers.

The key is length. A "complex" short password is easy to own and hard to remember. A "simple" long password is easy to remember and nearly impossible to own.

The only drawback is entry with limited input systems.

Comment Re:Ellison is a terrorist (Score 2) 157

You may not like Windows (note: none of my computer equipment, phones, or work machines run Windows), but it normalized a pretty significant set of operating system features ranging from preemptive multitasking to pluggable filesystems to a workable fast userspace mutex. Windows also maintained a *wildly* long history of binary compatibility well beyond virtually any other OS out there.

They did some next level shit.

I was an Amiga user, a Mac user, a Linux junkie, etc. To call Windows "playing with a toy" is to demonstrate an utter lack of awareness of the depth of that operating system and its facilities.

Of course, I'd rather use Linux or mac OS (and there were others, like NeXTSTEP, along the way), but let's give credit where it's due.

Comment Re:Energy density (Score 1) 89

I was hoping someone else figured this one out. I explain to non-technical people all the time that it's not hard to store large amounts of energy in a small space, it's hard to keep that energy from being released all at once in a KB malfunction.

The smart ones ask what KB stands for. The really smart ones figure out it means "KaBoom" on their own.

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