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Comment Re: Uh... Yeah? (Score 4, Interesting) 313

That's right.

If they purely overbook a flight and too many people show up, people getting bumped is known as an involuntary deferment. They used to have to cut you a check for the price of your ticket, up to $400. (And still get you there). Now that's been bumped up by the FAA ($800 or something).

If they have an equipment change that reduces seat count, they don't have to pay out cash. They can instead "compensate" you with credit on their airline that A) may not be spent at all and B) may require that you put more cash in later for an actual purchase. All the while, they get to hang onto the cash that you paid in the first place.

So the scam is that they schedule your flight (last of the day, for instance) on a plane that they *know* needs mechanical work. They don't do the work, and they "swap" planes at the last minute (to the plane that was *always* going to make that flight). Boom. Instant loophole.

I actually had these particulars explained to me by a United employee at the gate. She must have been having a shit day.

Comment You know what's great about this? (Score 1) 209

Nothing. Nothing is great about this.

1) Someone doesn't understand the capabilities and limitations of the state of the art in AI. That someone would believe that he can codify and embed his preferences into AI for something as complex as the operations of a company indicates a serious overestimation of what classes of problems are in range.

2) Having employees give attaboys is a surefire way to create isolated political islands and tamp down unpopular positions. It's idiotic.

3) Baking hiring into AI is, at best, penny wise pound foolish, and it could only work if the incentive structure of the company was so universally fucked that one was willing to risk employing someone over spending a few hours with them.

4) I very much want to see the inside of this shit show. I'm guessing that I'll witness a strange mix of misery and bliss. Some people thrive in douchebag-gladiator environments, and I fully expect smart people to game the living shit out of this train wreck.

Should be fun... Sort of.

Comment Uh... Yeah? (Score 3, Interesting) 313

This has been standard practice for years. In fact, if you have status on some airlines, you can *always* bump someone else off of any flight with the right ticket type.

I flew a few times on a United IAD->SFO route, and of four trips, I got involuntarily deferred twice. The second time, I noted to the gate agent that there's always an equipment change that screws up the flight, and she said, I shit you not, "they do it every night so we can give vouchers instead of cutting checks, even though the change is for fewer seats than the flight was overbooked. It sucks every night."

So, yeah, I gave those vouchers away, because fuck if I'm going to fly United again, even for free.

Comment DVR proof? Not for me. (Score 1) 137

I watch a couple of sporting events a week, almost exclusively via DVR. Why? I'm busy with a toddler, job, etc. I'm busy enough that I probably haven't seen the score yet, bit, even when I have, I often want to understand how (or watch awesome plays).

So how do you monetize me? How about not stopping so regularly for such long ad breaks? Right now, my ad viewership in these recorded games is zero. I blow right by ads via a DVR. But, if it was a 30 second ad here or there, I'd just sit back and tolerate it.

Comment How many are Samsung SoCs? (Score 1) 91

Everybody I know who has seen this issue (counting me, that's six), and every note of this issue on Apple's community forums that mentions the SoC manufacturer, have one thing in common: Samsung manufactured SoC.

I have a TSMC manufactured SoC, and I don't have this problem anymore.

Spin the genius bar return wheel until you get a working phone. It appears to be a hardware defect, and being saddled with a flaky device is too much to bear.

Comment Re: I feel sorry for you guys. No joke. (Score 2) 395

Wow... a vague threat of violence? Go back to playing Call of Duty in your mom's basement, AC.

Okay... I realize that, in an urban dictionary sort of way, that previous sentence could come across as iffy...

Anyway, point stands. Thinly veiled threats as off the cuff jokes are.... very 2016.

Comment Re:Shit happens (Score 3, Insightful) 236

Google doesn't even HAVE support in any meaningful way. If something gets fucked up with any of the usual google services (gmail, calendar, etc) you're screwed and that's all there is to it. Short of having a friend who works for google or being a big enough public figure to shitstir there's no way to contact a human and no way to resolve the problem.

Comment Re:yes they should (Score 1) 1081

No, they won't. The system will just become vastly more imbalanced. Citizens in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston would be astronomically more important than everyone else in the entire country to the point that only major cities would matter. The rest of the country would basically be serfs.

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