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Comment Re:Let's set up a telescope array on the moon now (Score 1) 227

>And orbiting has one *huge* benefit over anything built on a planetoid - you can keep your telescope pointed at the same spot indefinitely without any seismic disturbances

Except that Earth orbit involves having the Earth block your view a lot of the time, and the Moon can block or blind you, too.

Solar orbit is a lot less convenient for repair missions, but you can get much, much longer undisturbed exposure times if that's what you're looking for.

Comment Re:Dating culture needs to change first (Score 1) 118

I think the first solution to behavioural problems was probably a heavy stick. The flint knife was a major innovation, and 'flint lashed to the end of a stick' was probably as far as we needed to go.

Unless, of course, the person with the behavioural issue was the one (or also) in possession of such a technological solution.

Comment Dating culture needs to change first (Score 4, Insightful) 118

People are the problem, not the match-making system.

So long as people are willing to lie and manipulate to get laid or married, so long as they have unrealistic expectations and get vindictive when they're not met, there won't be an AI-managed dating app that will handle matchmaking well.

Anyway, the only matchmaking test you need is "do you find this person who is within a reasonable distance at least marginally attractive and have a shared activity you'd participate in together at least once?". The rest is bullshit.

Comment Re:That's obvious as hell for Japanese stuff (Score 1) 36

It seems that a digital format standard allowing overlay, and then giving free licence to produce those overlays would be a good idea.

For video, I guess that's SRTs (maybe with improved handling so you can provide suggested positioning, color, and contrast along with the text?) and overdubbing, but really what you want to do is give people access to the editor's timestamp and an easy method for adding subs or SAP keyed to it.

Sell the original, fans produce and distribute the translation files. Seems kind of win-win...

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 892

It is pretty clear that the majority view at this point on Slashdot is that sexism is either imaginary, overrated, or just something women should put up with because essentially any measure to correct it is anti-men, or anti-equality, or affirmative action, or quota management, or whatever.

Might have something to do with the frequency of which these kinds of allegations turn out to be imaginary or overrated. In this case so far all we have is an allegation.

Comment Re:Obscure (Score 1) 223

Yep. I'm a Windows tech, so my knowledge of Windows and certain Windows-based apps keeps me employed. I could play with Linux at home (and from time to time I do, a little), but generally speaking I'd rather fiddle for an hour fixing a Windows issue than take the time to become comfortable enough in a new environment so I can deal with its issues (Linux isn't perfect...) for a slight overall improvement in my home environment and absolutely zero utility at work.

And the office isn't changing over anytime soon, since we run a large array of Windows apps. There's just too much inertia - we'd have to replace or retrain our IT staff, get all our software vendors to simultaneously put out Linux versions of their products (which is significant cost to them), and then put together and execute a major platform migration project.

It's just not happening. The short term pain is far too much to make the potential long-term gain.

Comment Re:This won't be successful. (Score 4, Insightful) 87

The physical risk to the driver, and the driver's skill under pressure are what makes watching motor racing exciting.

I see a lot of people assert that, but I wonder how many of them are racing fans. Personally I'd rather see robots - the race could be a lot more aggressive with nobody's life on the line.

Comment Re:Location locks (Score 1) 508

It's not that difficult to feed fake GPS data to the antenna of your phone while shielding out any legitimate satellite signals.

If a GPS lock were standard, you could probably expect customs to have their exam room to be set up to mimic any location on Earth about six months after the standard came into effect.

Comment Re:Slavery all over again? (Score 1) 72

Well... anything you'd call a 'script' wouldn't be 'AI', and you don't have to worry much about if you're treating an AI ethically unless and until you make one that is self-aware.

Of course if you've managed to make a self-aware AI, you probably also designed it to be happy doing whatever it is you built it for. Is it slavery if your AI wants to serve you even to the point of its own destruction, and in fact enjoys doing so?

Comment On regulation of AI development (Score 1) 72

I am no legislator, nor even a lawyer... but I think that any AI with the potential to harm humans should be requires to have sufficient safety features built into it to minimize the risk it presents to below that of a human performing the same tasks.

That puts human safety over cost savings: if the AI isn't safe enough, you can't replace a human with it regardless of how much more cost effective it is.

And that's pretty much the standard we see being used to judge driverless cars, not just because it's something you can measure and use to set insurance rates, but because it just makes sense.

Comment TANSTAAFL (Score 4, Insightful) 152

Video hosting costs money. Micropayments don't work. Nobody's signing up with a million different video hosts.

The solution was, is, and always will be for the foreseeable future... advertising.

All it'll take to make it work is to find a way to extract the evil from advertising people so they stop continually escalating from 'find where potential customers are and put information in front of them for our clients' to 'skull fuck the entire public to get an extra purchase, regardless of how much trouble it causes'.

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