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Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 4, Insightful) 235

As the candidate running for president has a leadership role in the party, and leadership makes the party views, they are by definition conservative views when expressed as view of conservative leadership.

No, actually, that's not how it works. Trump is not a conservative. The Republican party, which, although it does include some conservative politicians, is not run by conservatives.

They are ugly, selfish, repugnant views that most people find abhorrent, but they cannot simply be written off as "no true scotsman.

You might be surprised to find people on the other side of the aisle find your views just as ugly, selfish, and repugnant, though they aren't far enough down the authoritarian rabbit hole to try to censor your speech. They will come around eventually, though, if you and your ilk persist.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 1) 434

People like you accept that, you understand that, hey, maybe the 2 candidates this time around aren't the best, but I'm sure it will be different next time.

I've been around long enough to realize stamping my feet, shaking my fist at the cruel universe, and refusing to vote does fuck all. You want to have more effect than just voting? You could get involved in party politics at the local level.

But no. That would be work. How could you maintain your indolent sense of dormroom superiority if you actually got involved?

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 549

Which says nothing at all about the truthfulness of the allegations.

It's weird. I remember when a sitting president was sued for sexual assault, and at the time Democrats didn't seem to find the allegations credible. Nor the rape allegations. Well, I'm sure they had their reasons beyond just, you know, rank hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 1) 549

McCain has this schtick he does every six years, where he makes a hard right turn (as he understands it, anyway) in the months leading up to the primaries, and then after he's back in office it's all about "reaching across the aisle". None of it fools the people who pay attention, but between that and the powers of the incumbent it seems like enough to get him reelected. I'd bet any amount of money McCain not only votes for Clinton's court nominees, but is among the first to support them.

He's been doing this for ages. Decades, at least.

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 1) 549

Retard I'm going to try one last time. You need to put down the kool-aid and realizing the impossibility of the shit coming out of your mouth, much less going around in that shit sack thing you call a brain.

I see that word salad and all it says to me is "I am an idiot." But go ahead, try one more time to salvage a position you've been remiss in articulating, assuming you have one.

Trump fails to appreciate all American ideals, he is the definition of anti-american and his BS tagline shows it. America never stopped being great, it advanced over the inbred retards that couldn't learn new skills.

You don't have any idea what "American ideals" are. You also don't get to have your own version of history. In the real world the US has allowed different amounts of legal immigration at different times, and it wasn't until the 90s that we looked the other way as millions of illegals poured over the border. You'll notice, if you pay attention, real wages for workers in the US went up the fastest when immigration was heavily restricted. Also, the idea that everyone who didn't have the advantages you have is somehow a retard is, well, retarded.

H1B visas are restricted to situations with no local laborers, that's the point of it.

Hahahahaha. Seriously, do you live under a rock? You can't have read slashdot for very long without realizing how this works - the postings that never get posted, and the jobs that are wired for cheap foreign labor. But that wasn't my hypothetical, anyway. I'm positing the government either changes the rules such that companies can bring in whoever they want, or (a better corollary) they just ignore the rules and let companies break the law with impunity. You lose your job because you can't compete with an unlimited supply of 22-year-olds who are willing to work around the clock for almost nothing. I'll bet my last dollar you'd be singing a different tune about adaptation.

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