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Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 3, Insightful) 358

You seem to be arguing that willful ignorance and intentional incompetence should be celebrated even more so than they currently are in Hollywood and politics.

Did you read the same comment I did? Please specify which sentence(s) in GP's post led you to that conclusion.

If the modern poor live more comfortably than the kings of old, is that not a reason to celebrate?

You have a pretty shallow notion of comfort. The 'kings of old' enjoyed far more autonomy and freedom than 'the modern poor'; especially the working poor, who may work three jobs to just barely make ends meet, while the largest part of the fruits of their labour is concentrated in the hands of a few people far above them on the socio-economic ladder. A slave is still a slave; it's an existentially uncomfortable position to say the least, even if the slave lives in a palace; and the living conditions of today's slaves are far from palatial.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 109

Why would anyone with even pretensions of being a geek link their password manager to a browser, beyond the two applications sharing the same OS install? I've been using a password manager for years, and it would NEVER have occurred to me to make it easy for my browser to access it directly. I don't consider myself terribly security conscious; but dangling a LOT of low-hanging fruit in front of would-be attackers was just never even on my radar. Goes without saying that the first thing I did when browsers introduced 'remember passwords' was to turn the damned thing off.

Security and convenience will always be at odds. But most people who don't have alarm systems will at least lock up their houses and cars. When it comes to The Interwebs, they should also go at least that far.

Comment If the law supports restrictin my rights (Score 1) 238

If the law supports restricting my right to repair, modify, and re-purpose items which I have purchased with my own money, then SCREW THE LAW. If I bought it and paid for it, then, short of using it for the purposes of harm or fraud, I'll do whatever the fuck I please with it, and I'll move heaven and earth to repair it myself if I'm so inclined, regardless of any "agreements" to the contrary forced upon my by evil slime buckets such as John Deere. Piss on them, and piss on any lawmakers who support them. May they all rot in hell.

Comment If it ain't broke... (Score 5, Insightful) 249

Assuming that those options aren't problems from the code maintenance or security points of view, and if users haven't complained about them, then why remove them? I'm sure some people use them; in Pale Moon I have Tab Mix Plus set up to handle tabs in a way that most users would never even think of, and honestly, I'd be lost without it.

I know it's heresy to suggest that Chrome might actually be configurable to suit individual needs and tastes; that said, why can't they they just have a preferences setting to show or hide those items? There's a difference between taking the lowest common denominator into account, and catering exclusively to it; and I'm tired of features being stripped away from both software and hardware because the average non-demanding user isn't sufficiently sophisticated to make use of them.

Comment Re:Use Mahindra & Mahindra (Score 1) 475

These tractors from the Indian company are pretty good, all old school, old tech. No fancy nancy software controlled stuff. Simple rugged diesel engine and clearly understandable mechanical parts. Apparently it is competing well in South Africa with other global giant farm equipment companies, due to "fix it and run it in the bush several hundred miles from the nearest repair shop" ability. Sub compact models are available in USA too.

Sure - and even a simple bit of environmental legislation purchased by John Deere from yer friendly neighbourhood lobbyist will make these tractors illegal, at least until they live up to the emissions requirements that the JD tractors will meet, undoubtedly via VW-type software shenanigans. That will be followed by 'buy American' legislation, and foreign tractors will be shut out of the US market.

Think about it - even a paltry 20 years ago the gubmint would have stepped in and spanked John Deere for this egregious abuse, and now they're turning a blind eye, which in this case is tantamount to them supporting a mega-corp giving farmers the shaft. Pardon the pun, but the solution to this problem has to be 'home grown', and it involves 'grass-roots' action to utterly fucking destroy this corporate blockade. Doing end-runs and workarounds ain't gonna cut it - the system is badly broken, and it needs to be fixed.

Comment Re:Un oh. Explosives disguised as batteries? (Score 1) 108

Maybe someone has figured out to (expertly) disguise small explosives as batteries?

TFA says only that they have "banned the use of electronics on flights servicing the US", (italics mine). It doesn't say that they've banned the presence of the devices. So either the article is poorly worded and unclear, or the ban has nothing to do with bombs masquerading as electronic devices.

This may be like the "take off your shoes at the airport" bullshit, in that it may have nothing to do with security. It may have everything to do with exercising control, establishing reflexive obedience to authority, and fostering acceptance of American dominance over people of all nationalities anywhere in the world. Just the type of behaviour that a certain kind of bully tends to engage in.

Comment Re:Is the tech bubble official yet? (Score 2) 77

This. The vain cunts fancy themselves as gods.

Can't see it ending well.

For an entertaining 60's take on how it 'doesn't end well' for the 'gods', check out Norman Spinrad's novel Bug Jack Barron . When it comes to fears about and attitudes toward the subject of immortality for the rich and powerful, not much has changed in the past 50 years.

Comment Re:This is very inline with Marshall Brain's 'Mana (Score 1) 61

Came her to say this. The quote from TFS:
"Google Glass tells her what to do should she forget, for example, which part goes where."

A quote from 'Manna':
"It tells you exactly what to do. Like, It told me to get four new bags from the rack. When I did that it told me to go to trash can #1. Once I got there it told me to open the cabinet and pull out the trash can. Once I did that it told me to check the floor for any debris..."

I know that Google Glass isn't actually giving 'orders' in the same way that Manna is; but at this rate, can the day when that happens be very far off? For about a century now we've had public schools whose express purpose is to stunt intellectual and emotional growth in order to produce a pliant and compliant population suitable to be "human resources" which, just like "natural resources", are effectively raw materials for a production economy. Now those 'resources' are increasingly allocated and directed by the nascent AI's that are now ubiquitous and are approaching an unprecedented kind of autonomy. The use of Google Glass on the factory floor is just the thin edge of the wedge.

Comment Re:Only now? (Score 3, Funny) 92

...whenever Hyperloop comes up people actually seem to think that it is a pneumatic tube system...

1) Hyperloop Alpha is not a pneumatic tube system. The capsules are not pushed by pressure. Quite the opposite, the tubes are a partial vacuum.

So is it fair to say that Hyperloop sucks and a pneumatic tube system blows?

Comment Re: One YouTube problem solved. One more to go... (Score 2) 61

Who gives a shit what orientation the video is filmed in? Is this one of those things where people bitch about something only because other people are bitching about it too?

Damn! I have mod points, but I can't find the '-1 Clueless' selection that your post deserves.

Comment Re:30 year nuisance (Score 1) 156

I simply am not "chatty". Yep, you guessed it. I don't have social media either.

I can be quite chatty in 'real' social situations, and on telephone calls as well. But I've never even used IRC, never mind any of the more up-to-date versions. I've never seen the point. Something like Hangouts might be of interest, if I could pay for it with money and NOT with my privacy.

I don't do social media either. I'd like to be on Facebook; my partner is, and looking over her shoulder I can see how it can be both engaging and useful. But I simply won't voluntarily throw away what little privacy I may have left after spending as much time on the Web as I do.

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