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Comment Because everyone driving has a license. (Score 1) 40

its use is vital in making our roads safer

and New York says their new system also "removes high-risk drivers from the road," stressing that new licenses will no longer be issued until a photo clears their database.

Because no one has ever driven without a license. Especially those 'high risk drivers'.

Comment What a terrible design. /s (Score 1) 24

The rechargeable battery for the built-in clock/calendar can be seen above with the 'bubbles'. It is glued down and soldered in, thus difficult to replace once it goes bad.

Clearly they intentionally did that just so you'd have to buy a whole new laptop if ONE part went bad. I hate it when OEMs don't make anything replaceable.

Comment Re:But is the pay gap real? (Score 0) 269

The pay gap comes down to personal decisions:

I left the workforce to stay at home with our son. I dropped down to making "80%" of my peers that didn't leave industry. Not because of my gender but because of a personal decision I made.

If you want to address the wage gap paying lip service to actual salaries isn't going to do anything.

Comment Re:Young engineers ... (Score 1) 225

That and they have less to loose in case of failure. So they are willing to take more risks and perhaps get bigger rewards. Having a family while personally rewarding forced you to play it safer as failure will effect more than themselves.

Anyone with a foot out the door of the company they are working for is in the same boat. Once I realized that the company needs me more than I need them, I was a lot more willing to stand up to management and forcefully push for needed changes. I just didn't care if I lost at that point since I wasn't planning on sticking around.

I have been assigned a lot more responsibility since then. Maybe that's what it takes to be in management- boldness on the edge of recklessness.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 528

Because of who the 'security' was against and when it was applied.

The server was insecure to the Russians, Iranians, and any 16 year old that figured out how to get in.

The server's data was secure against being used against her.

Had she had a secure server but never wiped it but just kept the hard drives in her basement I doubt that the Russians or Iranians would have been able to get to it.

It's like wearing a condom while tight rope walking. You're protected against *one* thing that may happen during the tight rope walk but it's not what you need to be worrying about.

Comment Re:Uh, no you're not (Score 1) 152

"We are building a citizen-fueled clean power plant,"

Uh, no you're not. You are running an energy saving campaign. You are not creating anything new power here.

I agree, but under some current regulatory models, such shenanigans are treated similarly as an actual power plant. To the grid, adding 50MW of supply is the same as subtracting 50MW of demand (in most cases). There are several things about this that greatly concern me, especially the part about a tech company entering the energy market and extracting large amounts of money while providing very little benefit.

Despite the reforms after Enron, the energy market is not regulated very well, regulation varies by location within the US, and some of the tricks being pulled would make Wall Street blush. It's a complicated system that requires a lot of specialized experience to understand. I work in the energy industry and we have a saying- "Whenever there is confusion, someone will exploit it".

Comment They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 4, Insightful) 152

They actually want to kick appliances off. When the load is high, your blender quits working, basically.

They actually mean "the equivalent of adding a gas-fired power plant by subtracting users who can damn well wait for their smoothies.

Hopefully no one is stupid enough to buy a Nest dialysis machine...

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