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Comment Re:How else instead? (Score 1) 190

False. As SpaceX demonstrated just 2 months ago, the fueling process is the dangerous part. You have 1 or more cryogenic liquids in very large quantities being loaded.

Every vehicle that the US has launched with people loaded fuel before loading people. There are few concerns about problems due to boarding because the rocket is already powered up and in a known state. Fueling happens with few to no people at the pad for a reason.

Comment Re:No faith in thier own. (Score 1) 155

I was auto companies would follow that logic. Most people recognize that having diversity of experience is beneficial to the company or workplace, but apparently in the auto industry, being a 20-30 year veteran of the same damn company makes you a saint. Most of those people have never held a different job, it was their first after college.

Comment Re:a few VTOVL predecessors (Score 3, Informative) 71

There is a huge advantage to a VTOL rocket. Obviously the goal here is reusability, but imagine being able to land your rocket back at the very same launch pad it launched from. Do a quick inspection, refuel, launch again. Won't be that simple, but that's the idea. They are actively interested in VTOL, that's the goal of Grasshopper.

The reason this is so much more attractive than a lifting body is that you're taking a lot less extra weight with you every time. The space shuttle was extremely heavy empty, a fair chunk of launch thrust was just launching the shuttle itself, not payloads or the people. So, in short, landing legs and some extra control hardware weigh a lot less than aerobodies and control surfaces. You want to be spending your fuel and thrust on the payload, not the weight of the rocket itself.

Comment Re:Nice work ... (Score 5, Informative) 89

Dragon capsules are reusable, however, NASA has specifically contracted new capsules for every resupply mission. There's nothing stopping SpaceX from reusing the capsules for other missions, however. I know the demo 1 capsule, that performed a few orbits before returning, and demo 2 capsule, the first to berth with ISS, are both hanging outside mission control at the SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, CA.

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