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Submission + - ESA Annouces Open Source Code Development Program (muktware.com)

muktware writes: European Space Agency (ESA) has launched Summer of Code in Space (SOCIS). Modeled after Google's Summer of Code (GSoC) and targeted at space related open source software, SOCIS is an ESA's pilot project offering students the opportunity to be paid to develop, during the summer, open source code for space related open source projects. Mentoring organisations can start applying now. The deadline for mentoring organisations is the 15th of July.

Submission + - NSF Funding New Cybcrime Research (threatpost.com)

Trailrunner7 writes: The U.S. government isn't short on daunting challenges in the arena of information technology and, especially, IT security. Indeed, Uncle Sam has a long list of IT priorities for the coming decade, with physical and IT security at the top. The government needs to rethink its approach to cyber offense and defense in an era where cyberwarfare is already a reality. Beyond that, there is evidence everywhere of the failures of the current, sprawling government and military IT infrastructures.

One major initiative is the Trustworthy Computing program at the National Science Foundation, a program that's working on a trusted OS, among other things and is one of the few federal agencies funding long-term research into computer security. Threatpost has an interview with Sam Weber, the head of the NSF's Trustworthy Computing group, about the agency's role and why the government needs to fund more of these research programs.


Submission + - Groupon Deal Of the Day: 300,000 Customer Accounts (itworld.com)

itwbennett writes: "The customer database of Groupon's Indian subsidiary was published, unsecured and unencrypted, on the company's site for long enough to indexed by Google. Australian security consultant Daniel Grzelak, Tweeted the news and also notified Groupon, which 'was amazing at providing a swift and full response,' Grzelak said on Twitter. 'They deserve credit for their reaction.'"

Submission + - Google's 2010 transparency report (google.com)

AmiMoJo writes: "Google's annual transparency report reveals which governments have requested the
most censorship of material in its search results. Leading the world is Brazil with
263 requests, while India holds the record for the most bogus requests at

The UK tops the chart for the most items removed with 93,518. "The UK's Office of Fair Trading requested the removal of fraudulent ads that linked to scams. We complied with the request and removed 93,360 items in total.""


Submission + - Rubik's cube - the order of God's Number (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: God's number is the smallest number of moves it takes to solve a general Rubik's cube. We still don't know the size of God's number for anything other than the 3x3x3 cube but we do know how it varies with the size of the cube and the remarkable thing is that it gets easier as the cube gets bigger.

Submission + - CGI Pop Star Is Newest Member Of Band AKB48 (technovelgy.com)

smitty777 writes: The Japanese pop group AKB48 has added Aimi Eguchi as the newest member of their band. However, Aimi is in fact a CGI composite of six of the current band members. Her entry into the band was unnanounced — it was only after fans noticed some unusual gestures that the real story broke. This link does a good job of showing which parts were stolen from whom.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Becoming Savvy In Office Politics 1

An anonymous reader writes: Geeks are for several things both good and bad. We're not known for public speaking or office politics, and each company does have its share of politics. I've watched people shine the spotlight on other people's issues so no one will pay attention to how badly their projects are going. I also know it's important to manage the message when speaking with someone on why something was or wasn't done. My problem is that I'm not very good at dealing with either issue. I get a deer-in-the-headlights look, because I can't always come up with a good answer without being defensive. I'm wondering what Slashdot readers did to learn and improve their skills in these two areas.

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