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Submission + - What happens when they steal movies from me? 3

jcrb writes: "So after years of resisting any sort of e-book or other such online DRM encumbered practice I decide to join all the other people I see happily watching movies next to me on the plane. And in my second attempt the experience is even worse than I had though it could be.

I rented a movie from the Android market, pined it and downloaded it to my tablet, and then *poof* one day it was gone like it never was there. A movie I had watched that had the 24 hour period on it still showed up as having 20 days remaining, but the movie I didn't watch, was gone. AND it was gone from my market purchase history too, because the rights owner had pulled it from the market place without warning it was taken away from me with no notice.

And here is the kicker, while they deleted even the record of my purchase from my market place account, I had to ask for a refund to get my money back.

So how many peoples money have they kept who didn't notice this, or don't realize they have to ask for a refund, particularly given that it says they don't give refunds and you have to go a few levels deep before you come to the place where you can find a button for a refund.

The movie was The Adjustment Bureau, which looked interesting, but now that they have said they don't want my money I'm sure as heck not going to buy it when they put it back on the market place."

Submission + - Life imitates art? (

jcrb writes: "If this missile isn't ours, then someone is launching ICBMs *from* our waters, thinking of all the movies based around provoking war between the superpowers by similar scams, "You Only Live Twice", "Buckaroo Banzai", etc I hope this isn't a case of life imitating art"

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