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Submission + - How Paul Ryan Changes This Election (

nmpost writes: "Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate has fundamentally altered the 2012 presidential election. What was once thought to be a referendum on President Obama has suddenly morphed into the largest debate on entitlements we have had in nearly half a century. The mud slinging will continue, but it will now come within the context of entitlement issues. The Obama campaign has long sought to tie Romney to the Ryan budget plan, and now Romney has helped them out. The reason for this tectonic shift is the budget plan Paul Ryan proposed back in 2011. In that plan, Medicare was transformed into a premium support service, much like a voucher program. It would give seniors money to purchase private insurance, and they would not have access to the current system of Medicare. That system would be put into place for citizens that were below the age of 55, with those over 55 keeping the current system. The budget plan was very unpopular, and was ultimately voted down. A later version of the Ryan plan made the premium support optional, allowing citizens to choose between traditional Medicare and premium support."

Submission + - Here's Proof that the Lendink Lynch Mob was Created By Idiot Authors (

Nate the greatest writes: Lendink was a site that connected Kindle owners who wanted to legitimately loan ebooks. It wasn't the biggest, but it did quietly hum along — right up until last week, when a bunch of authors freaked out over what they thought was piracy. None of these authors bothered to look into what Lendink was doing, but that wasn't enough to stop them from forming a lynch mob. They got together and sent dozens if not hundreds of demands that Lendink stop pirating the ebooks they weren't pirating. This was enough to kill the site.

But have you ever wondered what it looked like from the viewpoint of the lynch mob? One author has come forward with her jsutufications for joining the lynch mob. You're going to be surprised at how little she knows about the contracts she signed with Amazon or about how ebooks are sold.

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