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Comment Re:Tit for tat (Score 2) 574

I keep talking about this fact and all I seem to get is "so you know more than the CIA and FBI?"

And it hurts my head so much and I need to find a place to do a primal scream.

They're going to talk us into war and there is fuck-all anyone can do about it. Because people are so tech illiterate that they can be led by the nose right into the front lines.

Because"the big E is the Internet!"



Comment Re:This is great news! (Score 2) 116

The next iteration is darknets, encrypted end-to-end file sharing, completely under whatever radar they can come up with. I've been farting around with ZeroNet lately and it seems pretty good. And if all of it shuts down, we'll just go back to the ol' "hard drive fulla goodies" passed around like we did back when half of the people who had Internet access had dialup. Good luck tracking that.

Princess Leia Organa: The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.


Comment Re:22 years ago... (Score 1) 157


Find a local radio club. Get yourself a Technician class license and do all the packet radio you want, and give the county the finger. You don't need to learn morse code.

A friend of mine went from Novice (when they still had a Novice class with code) to Extra Class in 9 months, which is one step below Radiotelephone Operator license - the kind of license you need to run a commercial broadcast TV or radio station, for example.


Comment As an American (Score 4, Insightful) 121

All I can do is say "take your tourist money elsewhere."

I used to go between RI and Ontario a lot. Coming back each time through Customs and Immigration, I felt like I was not even welcome in my own country.

There are some wonderful things to see in this country, but there are wonderful things to see in the rest of the world, and if you never come here in your lifetime, you won't be missing much.


Comment Re:Why they are slow? (Score 5, Insightful) 766

>somewhat dysfunctional

DOOM was 16MB. A whole game in 3D with full on-the-fly animation and sound effects and music. That was amazing for the time when Myst was a game that served up mostly static images.

A web page mostly serves up text, static images, and sometimes video.

Yet this needs 16MB to be downloaded to be functional, somehow.

>somewhat dysfunctional

Try completely dysfunctional

Oh, and to the assholes who put in autoplay video that you can't turn off/pause: die. in. a. fire. Your pages actually last 5 seconds in my browser tab, and I'm sure this is the other case with people who are either on mobile, or just simply want to be quiet.


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