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Twitter Is Working On Anti-Harassment Keyword Filtering Tool, Says Report ( 51

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has made it a top priority for company to limit hateful conduct. In late December 2015, for example, the company changed its rules to explicitly ban "hateful conduct" for the first time. A new report says Twitter is working to further curb the rise of hateful conduct as it is "working on a keyword-based tool that will let people filter the posts they see, giving users a more effective way to block out harassing and offensive tweets." Bloomberg reports: "The San Francisco-based company has been discussing how to implement the tool for about a year as it seeks to stem abuse on the site, said the people [familiar with the matter], who asked not to be identified because the initiative isn't public. By using keywords, users could block swear words or racial slurs, for example, to screen out offenders. The filtering tool could eventually become a moderator for any kind of content, the people said. For example, users could block a hashtag about an event they don't care to read about."

Comment That is as expected (Score 1) 208

MS wans to go back to the bad old days where their products were really crappy, but their revenue was king. So, since Win8, they have tried to fix the damage they did by releasing the actually reasonably good Win7, first by breaking the GUI and now by regularly breaking other things. Of course, this cargo-cult approach will not bring their revenue back, but it will remind everybody what MS really stands for quality-wise: Cheapest possible.

Comment Re:Haha America (Score 1) 190

Matches my experience. Although coding is not my core-competency these days, I still do quite a bit of mostly pretty advanced coding at 47. Most of that I would have found much more difficult 10-15 years ago and pretty much impossible 25 years ago. And I have been coding since I was 14.

One of the most important shortcomings of young coders is that they usually have no clue what was tried in the past and did not work or did not work well. Hence they are re-inventing the wheel like crazy and mostly badly. MS is a very good example of that.

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