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Submission + - Mark Zuckerberg's social accounts hacked with re-used password 'dadada'

An anonymous reader writes: Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked and defaced by Saudi Arabian hacking group OurMine on Sunday, using login details obtained from the sale of 167 million LinkedIn logins, gleaned from a data breach of unsalted passwords in 2012. Zuckerberg's password was apparently reused across accounts, and was 'dadada'.

Submission + - Montana man arrested after 'liking' his most wanted poster on Facebook (

mpicpp writes: A Montana man was arrested last month after he apparently "liked" his most wanted poster on a Crimestoppers Facebook page.

Levi Charles Reardon was arrested April 24 after he liked his photo on the Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook page, according to the Great Falls Tribune. The newspaper reportedly captured a screenshot of it before Reardon revoked the like.

Reardon, 23, who is accused of felony forgery after he allegedly stole a wallet and cashed forged checks, was then apprehended by police without incident, the newspaper reported.

He made his initial court appearance last week. His arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.

Submission + - Every Guys Dream Job: Bunny Ranch Hiring "Product Testers" (

An anonymous reader writes: This has to be every guys dream, geeks, nerds, jocks, everybody included here I think. The Bunny Ranch is hiring what they're calling official "Testers" To ensure "quality" control. I have to wonder what the qualifications might be, and then I have to wonder just how many applications they've gotten already?!

Submission + - systemd team forks the Linux kernel (

Celarent Darii writes: The systemd developers have occasionally bumped heads with developers working on other projects, perhaps most notably Linus Torvalds, lead developer of the Linux kernel. Since systemd's init software works to bring the operating system on-line at boot time, systemd needs to work closely with the kernel and this can cause problems. In fact, some conflict and proposed solutions have resulted in at least one systemd developer getting banned from contributing to the Linux kernel.

Now it appears as though the systemd developers have found a solution to kernel compatibility problems and a way to extend their philosophy of placing all key operating system components in one repository. According to Ivan Gotyaovich, one of the developers working on systemd, the project intends to maintain its own fork of the Linux kernel. "There are problems, problems in collaboration, problems with compatibility across versions. Forking the kernel gives us control over these issues, gives us control over almost all key parts of the stack."

Submission + - Use astrology to save Britain's health system says MP (

An anonymous reader writes: An MP from the governing Conservative Party has said that using astrology could radically improve the performance of Britain's National Health Service and that it's opponents are "racially prejudiced" and, errr, driven by "superstition, ignorance and prejudice". David Treddinick even claims he has "helped" fellow legislators through astrology.

Submission + - Comcast Customer Service renames customer "Asshole" ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Ars reports that a Comcast customer in Spokane, Washington, who called to cancel the television portion of his service was initially hassled by "retention" specialist before receiving his next bill, with his first name changed to "Asshole".

Submission + - Apple cannot fire Woz because he is still reporting to Steve Jobs (

McGruber writes: Last week, Steve Wozniak ( spoke at an "Internet Summit" in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

During his remarks, Woz said that reports of him him "hating Apple" have been taken out of context: "I am an employee of Apple still. I want to be the only person who has been on the paycheck every single day since day one of the company. I don't think they can fire me."

Woz also explained that company paperwork says that he is stil reporting to Steve Jobs. "I said, 'oh, well, at least I can't get fired,'" he said. That's good because, earlier in the month, Woz responded to a hardware bug report ( regarding the original Apple-I.

There was no word on if Apple has tried to confisciate his red stapler.

Submission + - WhiteHouse petition to research intelligence-sapping ATCV-1 virus

An anonymous reader writes: A petition was started at https://petitions.whitehouse.g... (, asking for more to be done about the ATCV-1 virus, since it appears to be literally making us less intelligent regardless of whether you are a man, a mouse, or pond scum.

To quote an anonymous wit: "Doctors report that they have discovered a cure for apathy, however nobody has shown the slightest interest in it." With this virus, we haven't even gotten that far yet!

Submission + - iPhone 6 Plus case bent by casual carrying in a front pocket ( 1

ourlovecanlastforeve writes: Stories are pouring onto the Internet today from early adopters of the new iPhone who report that their new iPhone 6 Plus case is being deformed when it's carried in their front pocket, whereas other smartphones do not have this problem. Users point out that there appears to be a bend point in the case near where the volume keys are located.

Submission + - People Are Charging Their iPhone 6 In The Microwave After Falling For Hoax (

Diggester writes: Folks at 4Chan seem to have successfully trolled plenty of Apple iPhone owners. Some witty people spread the rumour that the new iPhone can now be charged in any microwave courtesy of the new and improved iOS 8. They decided to name this ‘hot’ feature the Apple Wave which was said to be a super-fast way of charging the device. It’s obvious how cleanly they went about advertising it the ‘Apple’ way.

Submission + - Apple Outrages Users by "Automatically" Installing U2's Album on their Devices 3

Zanadou writes: Apple may have succeeded at breaking two records at once with the free release of U2’s latest album, titled Songs of Innocence, via iTunes. But now, it looks like it’s also on track to become one of the worst music publicity stunts of all time.

Users who have opted to download new purchases to their iPhones automatically have found the new U2 album sitting on their phones. But even if iTunes users hadn’t chosen automatic downloads, Songs of Innocence will still be displayed as an “iTunes in the Cloud” purchase. That means it will still be shown as part of your music library, even if you delete all the tracks. The only way to make the U2 album go away is to go to your Mac or PC and hide all of your “iTunes in the Cloud” purchases, or to use iTunes to manually hide each track from your purchased items list.

Other reactions include rapper, Tyler, The Creator, saying that having the new U2 album automatically downloaded on his iPhone was 'like waking up with herpes', while Twitter user Mez pondered 'If Apple can forcefully download a U2 album onto everyone's phone, imagine what else they can do.. and see.'

Submission + - Steve Ballmer Authored Your Blue Screen of Death ( 1

Nerval's Lobster writes: Millions of people have shrieked in horror and dismay at Microsoft’s infamous 'Blue Screen of Death.' What fewer people know—at least until now—is that the text accompanying the BSoD was originally written by Steve 'Developers! Developers! Developers!' Ballmer, who recently stepped down as Microsoft's CEO. According to Microsoft developer Raymond Chen, Ballmer didn’t like the original text that accompanied the BSoD in Windows 3.1, so he wrote up a new version. If you used Windows at any point in the past two decades, you can thank him for that infuriatingly passive 'This Windows application has stopped responding to the system' message, accompanied by the offer to hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart the PC (and lose all your unsaved data). At least Ballmer didn't try to write something like, 'RESTART! RESTART! RESTART!'

Submission + - Linux 3.11 officially named "Linux for Workgroups" (

An anonymous reader writes: Linus Torvalds decided to change the code name for Linux 3.11 and even submitted an alternate Tux Logo. Heise reports:

"For this release, Linus Torvalds changed the code name from "Unicycling Gorilla" to "Linux for Workgroups" and modified the logo that some systems display when booting: it now depicts a Tux holding a flag with a symbol that is reminiscent of the logo of Windows for Workgroups 3.11, which was released in 1993."

Submission + - Build your own supercomputer out of Raspberry Pi boards (

An anonymous reader writes: When you think do-it-yourself (DIY) computing, you probably think of setting up a screaming gaming computer or putting together the best possible components for the least amount of money. You're almost certainly not considering putting together a supercomputer. Maybe you should. Joshua Kiepert, a doctoral student at Boise State's Electrical and Computer Engineering department, has managed to create a mini-supercomputer using Raspberry Pi (RPi) computers for less than $2,000.

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