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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: My Grandma doesn't like Google Streetview 17

Today, my mom sent me a picture of my Grandma on Google Streetview. I thought it was photoshopped, as I have an uncle who is an artist and is quite versed in Photoshop. A little doubt still persisted and I checked with Google Streetview to be sure.

My jaw dropped wide open when seeing the actual Google Streetview picture. I posted links to the actual address to select people on Facebook and G+, because obviously her address would be published. Probably not the best idea.

Since I still want to share, I'd say: enjoy!. It's a screenshot I made myself.

Yes, that is actually my grandma... My *awesome* grandma...

If you don't believe me you can contact me, and I'll give you the actual location. Just promise me then that you won't share the address.

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My Grandma doesn't like Google Streetview

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    • She's the last one standing.
      • by kesuki ( 321456 )

        i lost my last grandma just after her 91st birthday somewhere in the past few years. she was suffering in a nursing home, and she was very frustrated with that.

        • Yes, I understand her. Getting old is not fun. Your friends die, you might even be unlucky and your kids die before you. It's not pretty. If you're good, like my grandma, it probably is bearable. She still rides the bike you know. She'll get her 85th, the 19th December.

          Those less lucky are those who can't care for themselves well enough. They end up in nursing homes. My mom works in one and the stories she brings home aren't pretty. It's also sad, but because of budgetary reasons, it is often just

  • Nothing further need be said.

    • You missed your "<" (&lt;), but I got it :-)
    • by rk ( 6314 )

      Except for slashdot removing the < from the title. Sigh. I meant to say: "I <3 your grandma".

      Having to type HTML escapes on a web service in the second decade of the 21st century has slipped from quaint to preposterous.

      • *grin* Never mind... It could be worse, they could translate it to real hearts.... Then we could go all OMG Ponies!
  • I used to have a grandma like that. When she was young, she had fiery red hair. She lived a block from us when I was growing up. She died back in 1994, and I still think about her often.

  • Is she giving the Google Street View Camera the finger? If so, good for her! ( ... and if she isn't, don't let the truth interfere with a good story :-)

    On a related note, isn't there an EU requirement to blur faces and other identifying info? It's Street View, not People View ...

    • It most certainly looks like that, now doesn't it? What is interesting is that if you look the previous and next photos that she was waiting for them and she turned in their direction with her hand (finger?) raised. I can't ask her what exactly she did, as I only see her rarely. She lives 250km from here and I only see her a few times a year.

      As for the blurred faces. The faces are blurred, so are the license plates of the cars. I know it's her, because that's her house. Besides, she looks like that, t

      • From the position of the elbow, etc., it sure *looks* like it's the back of the hand, and not the palm, facing the camera. You should submit it as a story "Granny flips Google Streetview the Bird" :-p
        • Yes, I have looked that closely too.... It does look a bit like that, but it could be either way because it is in the blurred zone. It's simply isn't 100% clear.

          I go with "flipped a bird", and won't accept any other explanation ;-)

          Feel free to submit it, I'm sure the first comment will be "hmmm, looks like it's the back of the hand".... Geez, people are picky...

  • very funny

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