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Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 455

The best advice is to keep yourself sharp and avoid entangling yourself in huge debts, whether those are monetary debts, healthcare debts (poor living), or psychological debts (over commitment to an employer, industry, or region).
I have enough of a chain with family and friends.

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 346

Again, your twisting what I said. There were plenty of progressive rioters in the 60's, but the specific riots I'm talking about, where conservative. Here is an example:

Yes, I reached back even further to show conservative riots. My point was that riots are not a progressive or conservative phenomenon. We've seen alot of progressive riots because the conservatives held (hold) the legal power and framework of the state. As that changes, we'll see more conservatives rioting. Riots are the obvious end game when people feel powerless.

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 346

I also provided links to white people hurting other white people or white people's property. Every time you see something you just swap it around and pretend the conservatives are on whatever side you support. Your either mentally deficient or just enjoy being obtuse.

Your trying to reframe things and act like I'm some sort of race baiter. Everybody agrees that race politics are bad, single issue voters are bad. "Almost" everyone agrees that minorities have been shit on and deserve a break.
Your premise was "conservatives don't riot". I posted examples of them doing exactly that and you just because it involves race you reject it or pretend it was progressives blocking the advance of society. Read the definition of conservative, if someone is trying to stop new things, they are conservative.

Comment Re:Barbara... (Score 1) 6

I'm the human equivalent of a strange attractor in the chaotic system we call life. I've had lots of weird things happen to me, and every such event makes it more likely that another weird thing happens (we are affected by all our experiences). It's not like I seek out problems, but sh*t tends to happen on a regular basis. If you take a large enough group, most will have a relatively average number of strange events over their lifetime. And then you get those at both extremes. Plus, I guess i am bad at evaluating risk when it comes to myself. This is just another example - i should have left, but I didn't place my own interests over the harm that leaving would have caused.

Comment Re:I have one question (Score 1) 6

I will be reporting her, but only because it's obvious that she's a risk to patients. But first I need a referral to a maxillofacial surgeon. I also don't like torpedoing someone, especially when they're already suffering, but at this point it's also in her long term interest to get help. But I'm worried it might push her over the edge. People who have been blaming everyone else for their problems as part of a mental disorder often end up with a dysfunctional response when reality can no longer be denied.

I find this whole mess saddening more than anything else, and if she wasn't an obvious danger to other patients, I would have let it slide and tried to encourage her and her parents to seek help. The parents are in their 70s and not equipped to deal with this on their own, but I will be directing them to appropriate resources next time I see one of them. I know it's taking "turn the other cheek" to an extreme, especially for an atheist, but if the situation were reversed, I would hope for the same consideration. What can I say, I'm stupid that way.

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