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Submission + - AMD Plans For Finally Releasing Reworked Catalyst Linux Driver This Year (

An anonymous reader writes: Two years after announcing a new Linux driver model and one year since beginning to release the new AMDGPU Linux kernel code, Radeon Technologies Group is planning to release their new Catalyst Linux driver this year — likely in the first half of the year. This new driver is targeting just the very latest GCN 1.2+ GPUs, will offer better performance, new releases will be timed in sync with Windows, and hopefully address the longstanding complaints about AMD support on Linux. They also confirmed they have their Vulkan Linux driver ready to launch.

Submission + - Scientology received $5.7 million from Google .. (

An anonymous reader writes: At a $100 per person event held in the San Fernando Valley on September 6, about 500 Scientologists were told, among other things, that Google has approved advertising grants totaling $5.7 million for Scientology churches around the country.

Also, that the Chinese government has approved Scientology’s website,, as one of only a few religious websites Chinese citizens can access without restrictions.

Comment 3-prong electrical plug? (Score 1) 401

standard household 3-prong electrical plug

I have never seen this standard in my life. It may be a standard in your country but as worldwide standard this is a fantasy.

The only 3-prong electrical plugs I've seen are computer power-cable extensions. My standard cables for standard 230V have 2 prongs, possible with an additional slot for earthing.

Comment subtitles are obnoxious (Score 1) 508

more than a few scenes with subtitles are obnoxious because you can't really see the movie anymore if you are constantly reading the subtitles. The next thing is you can't relate the various speakers to their text, especially if there is a heated discussion with multiple people. To add insult to injury subtitles are mostly a severely condensed version of the spoken text because the average reader simply can't read with the same speed as hear the words.

It may be more a "realistic" (what ever this means within fiction ;)) story but it isn't a realistic story device.

I have read a few books where after a few paragraphs with translation of foreign language there was an explanation that for the convenience of the reader from this point on all was shown in the language of the reader. maybe this could be used in movies as well.

Comment Falling into a star (Score 1) 508

I cringe if a spaceship without propulsion is in danger of falling into a nearby star (or planet).

There are only 3 reasons to fall into a sun:
1) the course is already so
2) drag from friction with the outer heliosphere
3) application of the *missing* propulsion to counter the orbit velocity

Nearby a black hole are 2 more reasons:
4) at close distance there is no stable orbit
5) loss of energy by gravitation waves

If one of the two black hole options apply, the tidal force would transform the crew into reddish paste.

Comment Re:And yet, no one understands Git. (Score 1) 203

You have to understand the data-structure, how files, directories and commits are all content-addressable objects. The linkage of the commits by means of their id's must be understood.

To understand merging you should have used diff and patch a few times.

This is all.

With these few concepts anybody, who can write a program, should be able to understand git. To invent new use-cases or work-flows is another thing, but comprehending a given usage of git should be straight forward.

Comment Re:In Finland (Score 1) 516

Wooden houses as opposed to what?

Wooden houses are an anomaly in my country, there are TV-documentaries abort this curiosity. There are not many companies with expertise to build houses from other materials as brick or concrete.

Anytime I see in the news about an american huricane the splintered houses, I wonder why would anyone build such cheap houses?

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