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Comment Re: Valid (Score 0) 586

He doesn't have the power to "scrub the web."

He doesn't need to 'scrub the web', he can just 'build a wall' around the offending material to prevent the wrong people from accessing it. "I'm very good at this, it's called construction, it's what I do."

In this case, the construction would be taking a leaf out of Russia's book and enlisting the help of Huawei to build his 'wall' for him.

Comment Re: Rule the waves? (Score 3, Interesting) 432

In TFA, Lord West of Spithead, a former First Sea Lord, said:

"We will have this gap of several years without missiles. Well, that's fine if you don't have to fight anybody in the meantime."

Well (speaking as a British Citizen) that's fine by me. Britain doesn't 'have' to fight any wars at the moment. We enter existing conflcts, or initiate conflicts without international mandates based on provably false intelligence.

And of course the UK navy has other ways to destroy ships. Ship-launched TASM (Tomahawk Anti Ship Missiles), ship-launched Spearfish torpedos, helicopter launched Sting Ray torpedos and so on. The last large military vessel to be sunk by our navy was engaged by a nuclear submarine which launched a torpedo (General Belgrano sunk by HMS Conqueror in 1982).

Comment Re:What Codec? What Bitrate? (Score 2) 259

ProRes 4444/4444XQ are higher bitrate than ProRes422/422HQ, but they are lightly compressed and not especially demanding on the CPU provided you have the disk throughput. I can edit 1080p 4444/4444XQ on a 2013 macbook air.

Read this whitepaper. It shows that a mid-2014 macbook pro can decode 2 streams of 4444XQ 4K p24 and 16 streams of 4444XQ 1080p24.

The more highly compressed codecs (eg H.264/AVC based codecs) demand more processing power to encode or decode.

Most pro editors/DITs use RED rockets if they need to handle R3D files.

Comment Re:use tails (Score 1) 177

Burn Tails to a USB drive. Boot that for anonymous access.

Using a laptop with Libreboot instead of a BIOS with Intel ME etc.

Issues like the lighteater attack mean that Tails can be vulnerable when run on a computer that has the Intel Management Engine.

Also, log on to public wifi and use Tails to randomly assign the MAC address. Tails will generate plausible MAC addresses.

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