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Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 0) 142

This is the middle ground. Police won't be shooting at criminals. They'll be using less lethal means to do their jobs.

Define criminal. Criminal is anyone that the powers at be want to take out. That's quite likely to be anyone, like you, based on your political views or just not bowing to the magistrates. Police no longer serve the citizens. They serve those that have bought and paid for their services, though their political contributions. Forget serve and protect. That doesn't apply to you any more.

Comment Re:World domination has a cost (Score 1) 403

The USA spend about as much for "defense" than the rest of the world. This is a huge cost (of order 1T$/yr) that the main superpower is unable to let other countries cover in a way or another (say by buying USD for free). In the end being US citizen has a cost that translates in more work time, lower life quality than a couple of other countries.

Let's rephrase that. A huge part of the government's spending goes directly into the pockets of the boards of companies like Halliburton so that they can spend it in the middle east on ridiculous opulence like a hotel with a water filled lobby.

Comment Re:Forest of hands (Score 1) 552

.. holding mobiles and tablets. That is why I do not go to concerts anymore.

Interesting. I've never seen that at a concert, but I've only been to Killing Joke the last few years. Different crowds have different priorities. The people there felt privileged to hear a legendary band live, and were too busy listening to the music to fiddle with devices.

Comment Re:Confused report (Score 1) 55

The Reuters article lists other data breaches and malware infections at nuclear sites over the years, and notes that the IAEA director "also cited a case in which an individual tried to smuggle a small amount of highly enriched uranium about four years ago that could have been used to build a so-called 'dirty bomb'." At the isotope research center at the University of Toyama, the attacker reportedly compressed more than 1,000 files to make them easier to transmit.

This paragraph conflates separate, unrelated incidences, one of which has nothing at all to do with cyber attack. Why?

Viewer clicks.

Comment Testing (Score 1) 99

In todays bleeding edge market, no one takes the time to properly test their components before shipping to market. They want to get the latest and greatest into the hands of the customer yesterday. What ever happened to Underwriter's Lab? We need something like that for cell phones, tablets, etc. Refuse to allow a company to sell products that haven't been tested for safety. Nah, what am I saying. Those corporations own the puppets who are supposed to make these laws. Never going to happen.

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

For them theoretically hacking a private org?

It's not that it's a public organization or a private organization that matters. What matters is that another nation-state is attacking a US entity.

One of the most important jobs of the federal government is to protect us from other nation-states; to "provide for the common defence." The US would mobilize a defense/counterattack if Russia bombed your warehouse, so is it really so hard to imagine they'd do the same if Russia attacked your data warehouse?

That Russia apparently went after a political organization certainly makes things expedient. But even if they had gone after something else, when you have a nation-state attacking, you take action. If nothing else, what the heck is a single corp/org/person supposed to do against the entire cyberwarfare division of Russia?

Comment Re:Facebook is entertainment, not news (Score 1) 113

Facebook is entertainment, not news

It's not about what it's designed for, it's about how it's used. And people are increasingly treating whatever trends at Facebook as actual news.

Facebook is news if enough of the population treats it as such.

Comment Re:Silly rabbit (Score 0) 813

Democrats tagline about being the party for the little guy is every bit as truthful as Republicans ideas about being the party of fiscal responsibility. They're both so full of shit that they could make billions in the fertilizer business. Lets be clear - all politicians today are there for their own personal enrichment and power. If you ain't the one who paid their bribes, you ain't getting anything back except maybe a form letter.

The difference between the parties is which industries pull the strings. For the republicans, it's environment destroying oil and people killing arms manufacturers. For the democrats it's entertainment, internet, and high tech. It's annoying when you can't get a movie in the format that you want, but that's still better than having a smart bomb dropped on your head.

Comment Re:Never again. (Score 3, Insightful) 210

My wife and I both bought the 6+ when it came out.

I'm on my 9th replacement unit. She's on her 7th.

Assuming that this story is correct, and the fact that most with the phone never experience the described problem, it is quite obvious that you are doing something destructive with your phones to get that many to fail.

Comment Re:Let's teach critical thinking (Score 1) 212

It's a sad indictment of American intelligence that we have citizens who actually believe the government wants to be paid in iTunes gift cards.

There are almost 300 million people in the US over the age of 14. And to steal a line from George Carlin, consider how dumb the average person is, and then realize that half the population is dumber than that.

When you have a sample size that large, there are going to be some people who, if nothing else, came up short in the genetic lottery when it comes to intelligence. There's nothing "American" about it; some people just aren't blessed with the intelligence of the average Slashdot reader. And this is why we have consumer protection laws, because their limits make them vulnerable, especially to much smarter people.

Comment Re:and this is news because? (Score 2) 194

The scale is what wasn't know. this is every email going through there servers. Which is unconstitutional. Oh, and their poor implementation led to back door access as well.

Other questions still to be answered: Did google & microsoft do the same thing? So far, they've said 'no comment'. Which isn't good.

Why is that even a question. Of course the NSA have everything that they want to look at from any cloud provider. As long as they can legally use gag orders, there is no privacy. Period.

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