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Submission + - FCC approves broadcasts that may jam GPS (

kybred writes: GPS World reports that on January 26, the FCC waived its own rules and granted permission for Lightsquared to broadcast in the GPS L1 Band from powerful terrestrial transmitters. Prior to the decision, representatives of the U.S. GPS Industry Council and prominent GPS manufacturers presented a report showing consumer GPS device began to be jammed at a power level representing a distance of 3.6 miles (5.8 kilometers) from the simulated LightSquared


Submission + - 555 Timer Circuit Design Contest (

Bob Cat - NYMPHS writes: Jeri Ellsworth designer of the C64DTV, maker of DIY NMOS transistors, and all-around uber-geek, decided to have a contest to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 555 timer IC. Of course, Google, Digi-Key and many other keepers of the geek flame jumped at the chance to offer thousands of dollars in prizes, and Forrest Mims III is judging, along with Hans Camenzind, the inventor of the 555. Warm up your soldering irons!

Submission + - Music royalty society shown to be complete farce (

euphemistic writes: The Belgian music royalty society SABAM (Société d’Auteurs Belge – Belgische Auteurs Maatschappij) which represents authors, composers and publishers has been targeted by an investigative and satirical show called Basta after receiving complaints about their business practices; such practices include suing a business owner because the TV in his private room could be overheard by public in his shop. Basta decided to test the boundaries of how far SABAM would go to squeeze a buck from those "publically performing" copyrighted works with tragically ludicrous results. English description of the piece can be found here, and the video except from the show (in Belgian) here. Well worth a read for all those who have suspected some music royalty societies have no shame.

Submission + - HP accuses Cisco of diverting data center standard (

alphadogg writes: Networking rivals HP and Cisco have abandoned their common ground in data center switching, with HP accusing Cisco of diverting an IEEE standard and Cisco insisting that customers drove the change.

At issue are two as-yet unratified standards in the IEEE for data center switching that were being defined in concert but are now diverging. IEEE 802.1Qbg and 802.1Qbh were intended to work closely together to enable physical switches to offload much of the network-intensive processing from virtual switches on blade servers and NICs. A year ago, Cisco and HP were driving the effort in a rare show of unity.

“Cisco decided to change the scope and it broke a lot of the cooperation,” says Paul Congdon, CTO of HP Networking. “Where we might have had a vision, we now really see two (specifications) without commonality, which is really unfortunate.”

Hogwash, says Cisco.

“Cisco did not drive this,” says Joe Pelissier, principal engineer at Cisco. “This additional capability was driven by feedback from the (bh) committee during the normal ballot process. Of course, Cisco enthusiastically supports providing this capability in bh as it greatly enhances the versatility of the technology, extends its longevity, and enhances its usefulness to our customers.”


Submission + - Space agencies bully astronomers (

An anonymous reader writes: lists a paper on history of Tel-Aviv UltraViolet Experiment (TAUVEX), a space telescope conceived to provide multi-band wide field imaging in the ultraviolet, emphasizing the lack of sufficient and aggressive support on the part of the different space agencies that dealt with this basic science mission. Conceived in 1985 and selected by the Israel Space Agency in 1989 as its first priority payload, TAUVEX was supposed to be Israel's first scientific payload. However, thanks to the turn of events and the attitude of various space agencies, this telescope is now turning into one of the longest living space project of astronomy, still awaiting a launch platform.

Submission + - Enterprise Use of Android

MagnumChaos writes: I'm a system administrator for a local non-profit agency. Currently, our IT department is looking into Android tablets to use across our agency. I'm a fairly novice Android user, but I have some general knowledge about the operating system. However, I'm looking to find any enterprise solutions to use with an Android tablet. Something that would allow us to control the applications used, who can use them, and block the use of the browser, while still allowing the use of the Maps and Navigation applications. Perhaps even be able to use a remote wipe in the case of sensitive information. Do you /. users know of anything useful of that sort?

Submission + - Boeing CEO Says Outsourcing Didn't Pay ( 2

frank_adrian314159 writes: The Seattle Times reports that Boeing's CEO is saying that the cost overruns on the 787 "Dreamliner" were greatly exacerbated by the company's heavy use of outsourcing. Although it is now fairly well accepted that outsourcing provides little cost savings and what cost savings there are often get spent in increased management costs and rework, the outsourcing drive goes on. It's nice to see a major industry figure saying that all is not so rosy as the MBAs would have us think.

Ray Ozzie To Step Down From His Role At Microsoft 229

denobug writes "Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, is stepping down. He is to remain with Microsoft until he retires, focusing his efforts 'in the broader area of entertainment where Microsoft has many ongoing investments,' based on a memo from Steve Ballmer. Also according to Steve's memo, the role of CSA was unique and it will not be filled."

NRO Warns They Are On Final IPv4 Address Blocks 282

eldavojohn writes "According to the Number Resources Organization, they will have issued their final twelve IPv4 blocks in a few months. Each block is 16 million addresses and represents 1/256th of the total addresses issued. We are now down to 12 blocks left in the global pool for issuing to Regional Internet Registries, who will then assign the last addresses that will run out sometime later in 2011. The pool of free addresses works out to be less than half of where we were in January. The new numbers from the NRO indicate estimated global pool IP address exhaustion in a few months, a year earlier than they estimated at the beginning of 2010."

Submission + - ColdFusion creator claims tag languages best (

An anonymous reader writes: ColdFusion co-creator Jeremy Allaire has told Computerworld in one of its A-Z programming language interviews the tag-based approach is the best for web app development. He also says: "I think we waited too long to embrace Java as a run-time platform for the ColdFusion environment. We had acquired JRun, and had planned to migrate to a J2EE-based architecture, but we delayed and it took longer than we had thought. I think that could have helped grow the momentum for ColdFusion during a critical time in the marketplace."


Submission + - Allaire: ColdFusion is easiest web app language (

An anonymous reader writes: Computerworld is running one of its A-Z Programming Interviews, this time with ColdFusion's Jeremy Allaire.
In the article Allaire says ColdFusion was/is the easiest to learn language for web apps:

"We believed that a new breed of developer was emerging around the Web, and that they were first users of HTML, and that it was critical to have a language that fit within the architecture and syntax of the Web, which was tag-based. This had the inherent advantage of being human readable and human writable, with a more declarative style and syntax. This allowed CF to be the easiest to learn programming language for web applications. It's been really rewarding to see the ascendance of XML as a framework for languages and meta-data, it is really validation in the core idea of tag-based languages."


Submission + - 10 Problems with C++, and their possible solutions (

An anonymous reader writes: The C++0x standard is nearing completion. However, the changes within it are obviously constrained by backwards compatibility. If backwards compatibility could be ignored, what are 10 things that could be changed in C++ to improve performance, readability, and orthogonality of the language?

Submission + - Oracle sheds new light on future of Sun (

angry tapir writes: "Oracle has provided new details about its plans for certain key Sun Microsystems technologies, including the GlassFish application server and the NetBeans application development toolkit. According to an FAQ released by Oracle (PDF) on the acquisition, the company plans to "continue evolving" GlassFish."

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