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Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 4, Informative) 304

Just in case you (or anyone else reading this) doesn't know, there is a very very convincing, and solid theory that JarJar was in fact THE Phantom Menace alluded to in the title. Check youtube for jarjar sith theory and check them out. I'm not saying I'm 100% convinced, but I need a better reason to disbelieve than just the fanboy hate of GL thinking, "aww, no, he's not clever enough to do that."

Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 0) 116

I don't like the trend one bit, either, but you act as if the "other side" was gleaming and pristine the whole time. Windows Vista? Windows 8? How many Mac users do you think were even remotely tempted to switch over, as the hardware started getting locked down more and more? "What, we've got to go to *THAT*? Even the most die-hard windows fans are ready to lynch Bill and Steve..." (Yeah, windows 7 was fine. There's a small shop in my town that still had a sign up that says, "We can install windows 7" a few months ago.

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