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Comment Re:OMG, control yourselves! (Score 1) 1017

What you said... But he didn't phrase it very clearly when he suggested they "FIND" the emails in question. He was definitely talking about the emails they, (in theory) already had in the first place... That they (and he wasn't even really convinced it was the Russians, for sure) should look at what they had on THEIR computers and release them.

Submission + - Engineers: Guilt over automating? (

irving47 writes: So, we've go a story on the front page of slashdot as this is submitted... Hostess has an investment in automation for the Twinkie line, and drastically reduced its work-force... We've also recently seen the pizza-bot here... And there are others like burger-bots, and even just the ordering kiosks at McDonald's... I realize this is not a 'new' topic, and can be applied to numerous scenarios. I'm curious, though, how many engineers have withheld ideas for improvements that would cut jobs. Or even deliberately ignored avenues of automation that would likely work, telling management it wasn't possible, after being assigned a the task of automating a task now possible to be automated, thanks to emerging technologies.

Comment Re:My building does this... (Score 1) 173

Does AT&T still have to offer a speed like that at the $20/month rate? I know they used to... They just weren't required to advertise it.

Heart of silicon valley... I'm SURE the frequencies are congested there, but I'm also sure that's because they exist in great numbers out there.... Wireless ISP's? Some of them have pretty decent rates.

Comment Devil's advocate. I'm sorry.... Educate me? (Score 2) 97

I really want to understand...
The way most people (including me) seems to understand the fan-film 'arrangement' for Trek and Wars.....
If they can do a fan-film and pay the vendors to provide costumes, props, and caterers, etc... It's allegedly fine, as the producers are not technically making a profit from using Star Trek properties. (The same appears to be true with Lucasfilm/Star Wars, but apparently it's laid out more specifically in writing?)
It even seems like it's even better (safer, legally) for the producers/creators if there's a LOSS on the whole endeavor.

A friend of mine is a guild-member script writer who knows more than me about these things.... What I was told was that a new production studio had been built with some of the indiefundmekickstarter money that was raised.
So... A real, tangible, standing structure... asset. That will be used to create other things in the future. Yes, including more Trek stuff, probably... But a substantial, real thing that could easily be converted to cash?

I really want to understand why/if this is right or wrong, factually, and if it's something that makes a difference to people that have the "It's OK, as long as they don't make profit" mindset?

I asked this question, and was basically banned from their facebook page for asking. (I think they turned off permission for me to post in the comments)

Disclaimer: I LOVE Prelude to Axanar. I honestly think it should have been licensed, shown in theaters as an add-on "short" to some other Paramount property as a one-time thing, offered on iTunes for $5, and shown with ST Beyond in the theaters.
A couple of Trekkie friends of mine got together a little while back, and we all watched Star Trek: Rebels as the "main event" that night. I said that was ok... but check THIS out! Axanar won the night, hands-down.

I think I'm going to hate Beyond, and would gladly trade the new movie franchise for Axanar-like material on a one-for-one basis, regardless of length.

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