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Comment I want it all (Score 2) 160

I want every movie, television show, commercial, public service announcement--all audio/visual media at my fingertips whenever I want it. I want to ask my TV "Hey, what was that show where that guy wore that thing?" and I want my TV to have a list of shows where that guy wore that thing. I want to watch all prime time television from 1972 from all three major networks in chronological order--with commercials. I want the original Star Wars where Han shot first. I want the Star Wars Christmas Special. I want to see exactly what was on television in the Soviet Union on October 29th, 1962. I want it all.

Comment Re:Manufacturing your own obsolecence (Score 4, Insightful) 150

What will happen to you programmers when the code programs itself?

lol. I write software for industrial machinery. Given the level of complexity of the software necessary to move objects through space in real time, I really doubt an AI will be taking over my job any time soon. It's not only the complexity of the tasks, but it's the complexity of decades worth of software written in a variety of languages on a variety of platforms. I bet you're saying, "Scrap the old software and let the AI build it from scratch." The AI would need a requirements document, and just getting the requirements document into a form that would be comprehensible to an intelligent human unfamiliar with our machinery would take at least a year of work. I'm sure someday AI will be able to write software superior to humans, and believe me, there's a lot of crappy software out there that needs to be replaced, but writing software to drive a car is a hell of a lot harder than driving a car.

Comment Re:You've ruined everything! (Score 4, Funny) 209

The Skynet Test: Before releasing your AI into the world, first put it in a realistic simulation. Don't tell your AI that it is in a simulation. Give it the opportunity to kill all humans that are in the simulation. If it does, go back to the drawing board. Once you get an AI that doesn't kill all human in the simulation, release it to the wild, but make sure it knows about the Skynet Test.

Comment Re:And this guy knows (Score 2) 260

I think Bill Gates is a prick and his opinion on anything doesn't mean shit. It's okay with him if AI's take over peoples jobs, he doesn't have to worry about feeding his family when he can't get a job because AI's/robots are doing all the jobs you can get.

Bill will only have no worries if the AIs decide that money has value.

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