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Comment Re:Jurisdiction (Score 1) 110

The argument is that he had a presence in the US (server)

Ah, that's what I was missing, thanks.

The message has been sent -- you dip your toe in the torrent waters above a certain level and your life will be turned upside-down.

They are also close to sending the message that they intend to enforce their rules across the whole world. Which I guess accords with the rest of the US's imperialist message.

Comment Re:Checklist marketing (Score 1) 159

Why do many of them need to be on the small screen in the first place? You are going to interface the camera with a computer at some point so why not offload the menus for the rarely/never used settings to a PC or tablet?

While not having used this camera, I'm not going to comment on the merits of its interface, I don't really see why you think that the mere existence of an interface on the camera to change these settings harms you. If these settings really don't need to be changed often (/ever), then bury them in some sort of "advanced settings" menu that you can then ignore. Yours is the same mentality that we see from a lot of UI "experts" -- they proclaim that the way they want to use a product is the right way, and prevent anyone else from doing something different. Witness the whole GNOME interface disaster.

If the menu options get in the way of changing commonly-used selections, then the solution is to adjust the menus so fix that, not to remove everything that sjbe doesn't use.

Comment Re:some stats (Score 1) 415

hough, California has a higher-than-usual Hispanic population, so maybe nationally the % of Hispanic AP Exam takers is less than 7.

"Higher-than-usual" is putting it mildly; as of 2012 38% of the california population is hispanic, as compared to 17% of the U.S. population. (Source here), which seems to agree with other sources I found with a quick Google.

Comment Improving windows! (Score 2, Insightful) 79

The attack allows an admin user to execute code in a high-integrity context without requiring the user to approve the administrative action via the UAC pop-up.

Thank goodness! I've been looking for a way around those annoying popups ever since they first arrived in Windows, and I know I'm not the only one.

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