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Comment Re:Trump elected by no-shows (Score 1) 469

This is not a two party system, A percentage of those eligible voters that did not show up, if they did vote, wouldn't necessarily vote for your candidate. So weather or not the outcome changed is up in the air.

And your comment has me thinking you're actually buying into Clnton's McCarthyism -- which I would have believed 30 years ago, but not now. It's silly that it has even made it this far in this day and age.

Comment Uranium One and Clinton McCarthyism. (Score 1, Insightful) 469

While Hillary was Secretary of State, she signed off on the sell of part of United States Uranium supply to the Russians leading to financial benefits for the Clintons and their close friends -- like Podesta. That's just the gist. Look for yourself. Look into "Uranium One." The information is public knowledge and was a determent to the US's national security unlike these silly articles spreading Clinton's McCarthyism.

This whole Russian Meme is just silly and needs to be put back in its dusty cold-war shoe box.

Comment Re:You don't own your computer anymore (Score 1) 322

I agree with your premise, but for many of us Linux is not yet an alternative. Believe me you, when I can install the programs I need to work an OS other than Windows or OS X, I will do so.

For now I work on Windows, since it has excellent support and choice of hardware. Originally I worked on OS X, which I had to move away from when Apple changed its focus towards mobile.

Comment Bullshit? (Score 1) 130

I haven't seen anything from this company that gives me confidence that this is a real product. Nothing that they've shown -- some of which has been produced by Weta Works, or nothing their marketeers, engineers, etc. have said. It all came off as incohesive bullshit.

If they can really pull of what their fake-videos have shown, I will gladly buy their product. But until they show something( anything ) that's not just another produced-video, this stinks of a scam.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 153

"This notion of controls being crappy is ludicrous..."

I'm guessing you only game on a gamepad? If you want an example of a modern game that has absolutely horrible controls on anything but a gamepad, look at Dragon Age: Inquisition. Its controls are absolute shit on a mouse when in combat -- the first DA has fantastic controls. Despite EAware's lies, the game was designed only for a gamepad, so when it comes to mouse controls, they are downright crap and complete afterthought. This game is one of the worst offenders, but there are plenty more that are just crappy to play on a PC, because the developers really didn't bother to test/design their game for anything but a gamepad.

And I know you're questioning the parent, I wouldn't want to play some games on an Xbox, because it doesn't support a mouse... I own multiple controller, several gamepads, a HOTAS, racing wheel, and of course a good mouse. I like using the best input for the game at hand and gamepads fit a very narrow niche compared to all the games that a mouse encompasses. And I'm getting an Oculus in July and I honestly don't need the bundled gamepad, I'd prefer if I could just trade it back in for the Touch-inputs they're releasing later on -- which is how they're intending it to be played.

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