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Comment Re:It's tainted (Score 2) 93

Um, since Microsoft doesn't release it's code, there is no way you determine that is was copied. Also, since Microsoft doesn't release it's code, there is no way to copy it. If the APIs are the same, of course. They are trying to create software that runs Windows programs that call Windows APIs. They would have to be the same. The law suit would fall into the same category as SCO vs IBM over Unix code in Linux. == Have a look; they may not be as vulnerable as you believe

Comment Re: What about the rest of us? (Score 1) 72

The cost of living on the Vinyard is insane - cheap housing would just be a cruel market distortion.

Let the grocery stores all go bare and then see if the employers really can't pay much above minimum-wage. I suspect the customers will pay what it costs. Your plan of taking money from working-class people in Worchester to subsidize the grocery prices on the Vineyard is classic elitist abuse.

Comment Re: Young engineers ... (Score 1) 212

Have you ever used a Dyson product? They suck (except the ones that are supposed to).

Good news that this little battery company had its own R&D staff, perhaps some of them who've had some life experience. If they just need a billion dollars to succeed, then I'm all for it and hope Dyson profits handsomely.

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 212

"Unfortunately, tesla can't defy physics, and that means teslas have pretty poor handling. However, it is incredibly impressive for what it is -- a high tech 4 seater EV sedan."

And those sell in much higher numbers than cars like Stingrays. BMW, Audis and Mercedes have quite a few performance sedan models where Teslas are similar in weight and cost. I guess you don't have much to worry about for the next few years - until their next-gen Roadster debuts - if they survive that long.

Comment Re:Young engineers ... (Score 2) 212

I have been assigned a lot more responsibility since then. Maybe that's what it takes to be in management- boldness on the edge of recklessness.

You're halfway there. Add a lack of knowledge of the scope of the problems but the willingness to throw out the latest buzzwords and you're a shoo-in for the C-suite.

Comment Re:Apple employee here. (Score 1) 152

What if he came from the other end - let's say a member of the 700 Club or Family Research Council or one more of those anti LGBT or anti abortion groups? Would people still be hailing him or Apple?

Do you think being a member of the KKK in the 60's was as commendable as being a member of the NAACP? Just asking since all causes seem to be equivalent in your world....

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 489

If you're a Ron Paul supporter voting for Trump, I fear that "confused" is rather an understatement of your mental state.

I think not so much "confused" as "shallow". I can see a very surface correspondence between Paul and Trump: They both like to buck the establishment. The fact that the do so in very different ways and for very different reasons requires looking past the top millimeter of each. I suppose a vote for Obama (in his first presidential campaign) could fit as well if the same incredibly shallow analysis just focused on the "Hope and Change" slogan.

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