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Comment Re: What "minimal functionality" for a browser gam (Score 1) 113

Readable source, developer blog, bug tracker and notes on same, lists of currently played games. There's a lot you can provide. I suppose for a minimal version, I would expect a static image, an auto refresh, and a link for every button in the new controller, talking to a node.js backend. Slow and unplayable, sure. But you could actually knock it out in a week or so. But, more realistically,new can distinguish between a web page, and a web application.

Comment Re: Encryption (Score 1) 235

They're argue net isn't "the constitution doesn't apply". It's that there is a very low expectation of privacy, and a very real reasonable reason to search all people crossing a border. The fourth amendment forbids unreasonable searches. While most people are aware that a warrant (legal overview) or exigent circumstances (hearing cries for help) constitute a reasonable reason for a search, so the courts have ruled does entering the United States.

Comment Re: Landlords (Score 1) 260

So are you saying that you want everyone that visits santamonica to stay in a hotel?

No I did not. Please stop insinuating what I said. What I said was someone who rented out 8 apartments for the sole purpose of renting out on AirBnB has merely raised the rent for people who actually live there.

That would make hotel prices go up wouldn't it? How would anyone stay in santamonica then?

Evidence contradicts your conclusion. Hotel prices do not change with the amount of AirBnB availability generally. It changes with surge pricing due to events happening in Santa Monica.

I find it nice that I can rent a house for the weekend instead of stay in some stuffy hotel, don't you ? It's a totally different experience. I may even want to live in that city once i try out a few neihborhoods. I have a question: My friend wants to come from New York and stay with me for a week in santamonica. He offered to chip in some cash in exchange for me letting him stay. Do I tell him "no sorry that will drive the rent prices up in santamonica"? Haha

You letting your friend stay with you is completely different than you renting 8 places for the sole purpose of re-renting them. You've taken 8 residences that someone could have used. As for your preferences, that's what they are: Your preferences.

Look man, people have been renting their places out short term long before you ever lived in santamonica.

You missed the point about 8 residences, didn't you?

Comment Charging is a big issue (Score 1) 458

Bluetooth can work fine if you don't use something a lot, but headphones are the kind of thing you may wish to use for extended periods. I've never seen a BT device that isn't massive that has any staying power. Like I have a Plantronics Voyager Legend. This is a new, high end, and fairly large ear piece. It curves over your ear and has a unit that sits behind with electronics and a sizable battery in it. For all that, it is lucky to get maybe 6 hours of talk time fully charged (which will only get worse as the battery ages). Less if you use the high quality audio mode.

That's not great, and that is for a bigass part. You take something small, like the Earin phones one of our students has, and it is a bit over an hour if you are lucky. On the other hand my little Shure earbuds will work as long as the device feeding them will. Despite the cord, they are actually no larger to carry than the Plantronics earpeice as well. Oh, and they work with my computer, my phone, my receiver, and so on with no fiddling, just plug and go.

I don't hate BT audio devices, but earbuds have good reasons to exist.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 458

Ya unless Apple makes really shitty connectors on their products, I'm failing to see how this isn't a case of user error (or someone making shit up). I can't think of the last time I've seen a 3.5mm TRS plug fail. I make a lot of use of them between my personal devices for listening to music and connecting computers to capture/presentation setups at work. I really honestly can't remember when I last experienced one fail on me. I'm not saying it never happens, but it is rare enough that it isn't even a problem I consider. They are quite reliable, in no small part because they are dead fucking simple.

Comment It's fanboy rationalization (Score 1) 458

You see it all the time with fanboys of a given brand. When that brand does something stupid or something they don't like, they have to rationalize it away how it isn't just not bad, but is actually a GOOD thing. That way, they can continue to be a fan and needn't reevaluate their position, which is important since being a fan of a brand often means having your ego tied up in the success of that brand.

You see it a lot with Apple fans since Apple is known for changing things on a whim with no warning or input.

Doesn't even have to be changes either, fans will do it when something is just disappointing. I saw a funny one with one of our former students who was a total Apple fanboy. The iPad 2 was coming out and he'd really hyped himself up for it. I told him that some of the things he was hyped for (like a high DPI display) weren't going to happen, tech just wasn't there yet. So it launched and was underwhelming to him at least. It was just a bit of an update to the old one. Now I don't see an issue with that, makes sense to refresh your products with the latest tech, even if the refresh is just minor. Just means that they are more for new customers than people upgrading. However he was very let down.

But then, over the course of about 5-10 minutes, he managed to find all kinds of rather stretched reasons as to why it was better and he had to have one, and then placed an order. It went from "I am disappointed," to "I must have this ASAP," in the course of just a few minutes. Nothing changed, no new information, he just rationalized the decision he'd already held: That he wanted a new toy from the brand he was a fan of.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 61

Why does the market bear so much?

Because it's a bear market. And Microsoft is a has-been who can't make anyone want to "upgrade" to their newest OS even for free. So their future, if they are to have any, is in acquiring other, possibly relevant companies, and that's best done in a bear market when they're cheap.

Comment Also, you have options (Score 1) 458

It isn't like all phones are doing this. In fact, usually if some companies start doing something stupid and not giving people what they want, someone else will make and advertise products with those features.

For example I'm not a fan of the "no removable battery, no SD card" trend. Lots of phones have gone that way in the name of thin... however LG apparently figures there's a market for people who want those features and the LG G5 has them. So guess what phone I've ordered?

It really isn't that difficult a problem, unless you are a fanboy who is overly dedicated to a given product. If you don't mind a feature going away, ok no problem, buy the new unit and be happy. If you do mind, go and buy another product that has what you want.

However what I can't respect and get annoyed with are fanboys who will cry about something like this, and then go and buy the product anyways, acting like this had no choice in the matter and they "had" to upgrade. They are the problem.

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