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Submission + - To Save the Internet We Need To Own The Means Of Distribution (huffingtonpost.com)

indros13 writes: Net neutrality took a hit when the FCC gave its blessing to "internet fast lanes" last week and one commentator believes that the solution is simple: public ownership of the hardware.

Owning the means of distribution is a traditional function of local government. We call our roads and bridges and water and sewer pipe networks public infrastructure for a reason. In the 19th century local and state governments concluded that the transportation of people and goods was so essential to a modern economy that the key distribution system must be publicly owned. In the 21st century the transportation of information is equally essential.

Is the internet essential infrastructure? Should local governments step in to preserve equality of access?


Submission + - Interactive Map Shows When Solar Gets Competitive in U.S. (ilsr.org)

indros13 writes: "A new interactive map illustrates how much solar photovoltaic power could be installed at prices competitive with retail electricity (without subsidies) over the next decade in all 50 U.S. states. Move the slider to see the impact of falling solar prices, as well as the huge impact of current tax incentives.

Full disclosure: I did the research behind the map and I think it's a very useful tool for planning our energy future."


Submission + - What's your favorite Slashdot story tag (beta)

indros13 writes: Now that story tagging beta has been live for a while, what is your favorite tag?
  • goodluckwiththat
  • suddenoutbreakofcommonsense
  • haha
  • badsummary
  • correlationisnotcausation
  • thatsnomoon

Submission + - Women studying science, but not computer science (minnpost.com)

indros13 writes: "Despite a significant increase in the number of women graduation from college and studying the sciences, the portion of female computer science graduates has fallen steadily since the 1980s.

percentages of female bachelor degrees earned in computer science are falling-down to 25 percent in 2004, the latest available figures, from a high of 37 percent in 1984. And all this is occurring at a time when National Science Foundation (NSF) funding to encourage women in the computer sciences — about $20 million annually — has never been higher.
Is it the Revenge of the Nerd stereotype? The prevalence of home computers? What's changed about computer science in the past twenty years to discourage more women from participating?"

United States

Submission + - Study dismisses NH vote technology concerns (umich.edu)

indros13 writes: "The results of the NH primary sparked vote fraud rumors and well-meaning investigations based on differences in vote tallies between hand-counted and machine-counted wards. Three academics gave the issue a full statistical analysis and find that the differing tallies had nothing to do with systematic hacking or machine bias. Instead, the un-sexy conclusion is that underlying differences in demographics explain the results."

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