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Comment Silly Putty was miraculous (Score 4, Funny) 25

I can still recall the day I learned that you could copy a frame from the Sunday comics by pressing silly putty onto it. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Any time they want to mix it with graphene and inject it into my blood stream, I'm ready. I haven't seen a piece of Silly Putty in decades, but I can still recall its smell vividly. I loved that stuff. I think my childhood dog Smokey ate an entire Silly Putty once and crapped it out unchanged. I think it still had the image of Smokey Stover on it.

Comment Re:Or it might go up (Score 1) 458

Your citation shows higher poverty 2009-2015 than 2001-2008. More people have been impoverished under Obama than before.

Tell you what, Chris: People can look at the graph for themselves and see that poverty has been steadily declining since the end of the recession. And right now, poverty is lower than it was the year Obama took office.

The poverty rate today is also almost exactly where it was when Ronald Reagan left office.

Comment Who's to say? (Score 5, Insightful) 68

"How do we know this radiation isn't actually good for you? I mean, the Sun's heat is radiation, right?"

- Trump's new director of the Department of Energy.

[Note: If you think I'm somehow exaggerating, you might find tonight's story about Trump's new Department of Energy "enemies list" an interesting read:}

Comment i think its simpler than we're making it out to be (Score 5, Interesting) 449

If you or any other politician cared about the potential for hacking, it would have started 16 years ago when bush won the vote based on hanging chad and an ominous declaration from evoting vendor Diebold.

the reason the 2016 vote was so unexpected is simple. Democrats ran a turd for a candidate with no policy other than 'i want to be a president.' Hillary ignored midwestern and rural voters at her peril, and in return they ignored her. Sure, benghazi wasnt her fault but one could scholastically argue that the benghazi trials werent about implicating her in a scandal but making sure the public understood she was willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus during hearings. hillary rigged her own primary and in doing so significantly disenfranchised a number of Sanders voters, but republicans masterfully highlighted sanders curious inability to win delegates as evidence that Hillary was being rammed down constituents throats whether they enjoyed the candidate or not. She was implicated, and controversially exonerated, from a federal investigation into her handling of states secrets that despite her teams best efforts to spin, seemed hypocritical when compared to manning or snowden. Prosecutors even acquiesced that the reluctance to indict her on any charges would pose a nontrivial barrier in litigating future instances of such cases. hillary banked on Obamas strategy of youth votes while arrogantly assuming youth votes just meant do the harlem shake and mannequin challenge until people cast their fucking ballot.

but no, she lost because of a combination of fake news, 4chan meme magic and the infamous russian hackers. Keep it up DNC, because in 8 years if you havent figured out that running moderate republican plutocrats as "liberal" candidates doesnt work, im not sure Biden has much of a fucking chance...and god knows you're not about to let an underdog challenge the next "its time for me to win the presidency because i said so" candidate.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 262

I have lived in Kansas for about 27 years, so I guess that makes my opinion at least as valid as the opinion piece from a Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper

No, not really. The Kansas City, MISSOURI newspaper actually included evidence.

As for the other, you're just flat out wrong. Did you know that since Brownback and company took over in 2012, Kansas GDP (GSP) has grown half as fast as the national GDP?

Second, did you know that you can't trust any of the economic numbers that have been coming out of the Brownback administration? Here's why:

And since you seemed offended that I would cite a MISSOURI newspaper that is all of about 15 feet from the Kansas border, here's some fact-checking from a Wichita, KANSAS newspaper that you might find illuminating. Oh never mind, you're from Kansas. You wouldn't find anything illuminating. What's the matter with Kansas, anyway?

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 458

I've been following this story, and I expect we're not looking at the future, but rather stagnation in the status quo for the last fifteen years or so plus statistical noise.

Where things gets interesting when you start disaggregating the trends. If you look at the life expectancy data by county, the disparity is shocking: almost all rural and poor counties saw little or no improvement in life expectancy since the late 80s, but life expectancy has improved dramatically (5 years or more) in urban and wealthy counties. And here's an interesting fact: the gap between white and black life expectancy has narrowed, but this is largely due to stagnation in life expectancy among working class whites.

This indicates to me that poor access to health care advances for working class and rural whites has driven the overall stagnation in life expectancy. This is in part what Obamacare was intended to address, however it can't possibly improve the situation in rural counties without Medicaid expansion.

Comment Re:Welcome to moronic logic (Score 2, Insightful) 458

Fact: Under Obama care, life expectancy declines. In addition, there are many news articles detailing how coverage cost as gone way up and services have gone down.

Conclusion: It is trumps fault.

If Donald Trump can take credit for the improving economy over the past year, then he can also take credit for the declining health of the nation over the past year.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 262

However what was being discussed by the OP was setting a flat rate for corporate tax lower than the current rate and eliminating all concessions and deductions. Companies only pay 10%... but they always pay 10%, no more or less.

That will never happen. The only way government can keep influence with companies is by exercising those concessions and deductions.

Trump's deal with Carrier was nothing BUT concessions and deductions. The fact that he chose to use his very first public act in that manner does not indicate someone who's going to want to cede the power of the "deal".

Comment defense versus health and human services. (Score 5, Interesting) 458

80 Americans were killed in terrorist attacks from 2004 to 2013. the US defense budget in 2015 was 637 billion dollars. However, The US Health and Human Services budget for 2015 is 1.3 trillion dollars. How is it we as a nation can outspend ourselves as the largest military power in the world, and still be faced with a declining life expectency rate?

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