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Journal iminplaya's Journal: Surrounded by fools 14

It's for moronic crap like this that dominates the "airwaves" that leads the rest of the world to believe the Americans are a bunch of idiots. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with it, but how do I protect myself from the assholes they elect? Majority rule is a failure. These guys are proof of that. Where's my kevlar/titanium exoskeleton?

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Surrounded by fools

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  • I suppose if the majority decides they want to elect Obama, there's nothing you can do about it until the next election. Sorry, but that's just the way politics works here.
    • Obama...Bush...Are we going to spend the next four years looking for differences amongst them and all the other party members that just aren't there?

      Time to reformat and install a more open operating system. One that can work by real consensus instead of idiot mob rule.

      Eh, you're right. Nothing I can do about it. All I can hope for is that people eventually see for themselves. I'm just adding to the noise. I think I'll go take a walk on the beach for a while and tip back a couple of brews.

      • Like I said, Death to all Second Wavers. Once the numbers [googlefight.com] flip around, we'll know we're over the hump.
        • Yeah, their time should have been up a long time ago, but it was a vital part of our evolution, kinda like the "touching the hot stove" phase. But people today are like Homer: tssss..OW!...tssss..OW!...tssss..OW!..Heh they don't smell the gas leak.

          2 - 4 billion, eh?

      • by tqft ( 619476 )

        You seem to want to install a micro-kernel based system of government.

        The coders are ready, the hardware is on the market, we just need some specs on
        a) resource contention
        b) message passing
        c) network security
        d) authorised access limits

        and a test suite so we don't release a monster cluster fuck on the users.

  • Backwater, secondrate rustbag of a nation. Keep patting them selves on the back for "Freedom" as they imprison 10% of their population, and another 205 go looking for "work".

    Amarica is a pathetic joke - like the mirror image of the Soviets in the 70's - everything EXACTLY THE SAME - just backwards.

    Of course Americans resent paying taxes - it provides them nothing in terms of collective buying power - not a bad business tool. Instead, taxes run an inflationary ponzi-scheme called the U.S. Dollar - in a man

  • Normally I wouldn't have a problem with it, but how do I protect myself from the assholes they elect? Majority rule is a failure.

    Don't you go insulting the POTUS elected by majority rule, mister.

  • How come it's only when a Right-winger rants about the Left that it's "moronic crap"? How come it wasn't moronic crap when you posted a series of JE's marching lock-step like a mind-numbed robot in unison with your side's petty political play of the week?

    How come when you don't like something someone on the Right does, they're "assholes" (i.e. it's valid criticism), but when someone else doesn't like something someone on the Left does, the criticizer is blind and can't see that everyone and everything's rea

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