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Journal FroMan's Journal: [NTP] Can you guess? 7

Iowa Senator Says AIG Executives Should 'Resign or Commit Suicide'

From the title and what was said, I was pretty sure it was going to be a Democrat. Hating business and saying outlandish things go hand in hand. Well, I was wrong. But, AP made it too easy, as by the second paragraph the party was mentioned immediately.

White House Ridicules Cheney After Criticism

Not really "Name That Party" since we all know who is in the whitehouse. But I am personally upset that we are now a Republican cabal. I much prefered VRWC, even the name sounds mysterious.

However, I do think Cheney should quit playing the Carter role and retire quietly. Unless Cheney is going to be running again, presidents and vice presidents have traditionally stayed out of the political fray after leaving office. Carter and Gore being two modern exceptions to that rule.

Justice Thomas Says Americans Self-Indulgent, Don't Sacrifice

What is wrong with this article? No, it isn't that it is AP posted on Fox News. Fox posts a lot of AP articles.

I like to play a game when reading Fox, which is to skip the source right under the title and read the article and then guess the source. The fourth paragraph told me it was AP. I could tell because the paragraph had nothing to do with the article and implied there was a conservative majority on the court. Conitnuing on in the next paragraph it mentions the confirmation process with Anita Hill's sexual harassment allegations, which again have nothing to do with the title of the article.

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[NTP] Can you guess?

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  • The fourth paragraph told me it was AP. I could tell because the paragraph had nothing to do with the article and implied there was a conservative majority on the court.

    This is more than just an implication:

    He and Justice Antonin Scalia are considered the core of the court's conservative 5-4 majority.

    It's stated as a matter of fact. Belying the "journalist"'s innate Liberal bias in seeing things, as a Conservative would call it a 5-4 Liberal majority. And a source sadly far more credible than the AP [] calling

    • by FroMan ( 111520 )

      Your analysis as always is quite astute. Good form.

      I know I don't often reply to your comments (well, except where we disagree) so I just wanted to let you know that you leave little else to be said on a topic.

      • Thanks! I'll take it, even tho we both know that we don't really exist, except as figments of RG's imagination and the fake personas behind these respective sock puppet accounts. :)

  • How you and that other guy obsess over people who are absolutely identical in every way except for their name. Is this how you console yourselves after being raped repeatedly by those very same people? And like the battered wife, you stay with them, asking for more no matter what. Heh, you really think any of these people actually work for you. don't you? Oh man, I sure wish you could see them rolling on the floor, damn near having heart attacks from laughing so hard. Can't blame them. I get quite the chuck

    • by FroMan ( 111520 )

      I'm sorry, did you have a comment on any of the articles or my comments about them? I know I haven't been explicit, but I thought it was implied that the topic of the journal entry was supposed to be about one of those three topics. I can understand that you would much rather talk about your misconceptions of my beliefs, but I'd rather talk about one of the articles above.

      You have obviously been quite scarred by your existance, which is fine, but I don't think you are going to find much help in my humble

      • No feel free to waste your own time on non issues. If jacking off is what you like, go nuts. If you're looking for people to watch and comment on your schlong, I guess I'm not your guy. Have fun, and please remember to clean up afterword. Byeeeee

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