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Comment Re:I though every one was going paperless (Score 1) 202

Thanks for the reply, this is actually good to know in case I have to deal with that in the future.

For my side business, I usually ship using 6"x9" manila envelopes, so a 4x6 sticker fits on that just fine. But my next project is to see if I can just use a laser printer with the paper path going straight through to print directly on the envelope, bypassing the sticker altogether.

Comment Re:Top 40 this week vs decades (Score 1) 275

I agree with the sentiment, to a point, but honestly, I really hate classic rock stations. Yes, that 30-year period is chock-full of great music, but these stupid stations manage to ruin it by playing the same small handful of songs over and over and over. It ignores so much more great music from that time, while making us sick to death of those excellent songs by overplaying them so much.

Comment Re:I though every one was going paperless (Score 1) 202

What in the fuck are you yapping about? Has the Apple cult driven you completely insane?

I never said anything about paperless anything; we're talking about printing here.

And WTF are you talking about with aluminum? Aluminum isn't environmentally-unfriendly, especially not in the minute quantities it might be used in thermal paper. It's certainly a lot better than using a bunch of plastic packing tape to tape labels to packages.

Comment Re:HP employee here (Score 1) 202

Not quite: Ebay these days is actually still pretty useful, depending on what you're shopping for. I'm using it more than Amazon now, as the prices are frequently better. I've gotten lots of great stuff on there in the past year even: used cellphones, used laptops, new-old-stock items, etc. So Meg didn't quite manage to drive it into the ground.

Carly and HP, however, is another story....

Comment Re:I though every one was going paperless (Score 1) 202

If you're doing that, you must be really clueless about ecommerce mail order, or you just got started and haven't figured out the proper way to do shipping.

The way you ship stuff is you buy a Zebra 4x6 label printer, and print your postage labels on that. Then you just peel and stick. You can even print these labels from within PayPal, though you can get better rates through places like encidia.com if you do a lot of volume (there's a monthly fee for those places though, so it's only worth it if you ship a lot of stuff).

Comment Re:In other words (Score 1) 120

Giving birth is fortunately excluded due to gender...phew!

For now. You never know what medical science will come up with next. Maybe in 25 years it'll be normal for men to be getting pregnant (probably not naturally of course) and giving birth. Their wives will probably demand it for the 2nd baby, since she had to go through all the pain and misery for the first one, so it's only fair that he do it for the second. And since natural conception will probably become obsolete by then anyway, in favor of genetically-engineered "designer" babies, this will fit nicely with male pregnancy.

And if you're thinking "luckily I'll be too old by then to worry about this", medical science is already making big strides in figuring out the aging process, so by that time they'll probably have figured out how to make us all permanently look like we're 30 and not age any more, so unless you decide to stay single for the rest of your life (which will last until you're unlucky enough to get killed in an accident, perhaps a malfunctioning roller coaster), you too will feel pressured to get pregnant and give birth.

Comment Re:State sponsored corporate spies (Score 1) 417

I hate to tell you this, but there's a big region to the west of India, called "the Middle East". It includes countries like Israel, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and most of Turkey. It has a pretty large population too, and as it is in ASIA, the inhabitants are ASIAN.

However, no one actually calls Middle Easterners "Asians". Especially not in the context of minority groups in American employment statistics. Middle Easterners are their own group, and so are Indians. "Asia", in this context, means "Far East Asia".

Comment Re:Yay! Sharepoint! (Score 1) 44

I got a magic way for ms to make fifty bucks per user: sell a decent windows for a change.

Why should they bother? They already get $100 (or so I read somewhere) per user by having a shitty Windows pre-loaded on every computer sold. People aren't going to pay more for a non-shitty Windows (assuming such a thing is possible, which I doubt). And MS can make even more money per use by baking adware and spyware into Windows, without affecting the up-front price. It's an excellent sales strategy. And if people don't like shitty Windows, what are they going to do, buy a Mac? hahaha

Comment Re:Kinda makes sense actually (Score 1) 227

That's a false equivalence fallacy. Most other automakers have not been proven to intentionally kill people by hiding defects. The only other big example I can think of is Ford with the Pinto in the 70s, and later on a smaller scale with the Crown Vic in the 90s. Basically you're advocating "guilty until proven innocent" type thinking.

There's a huge difference between not designing a car to be as absolutely safe as you can possibly make it (esp. when time and budget/cost constraints are limiting you), and knowing of a real and dangerous defect and choosing to hide it.

Comment Re:Just use Youtube-dl (Score 1) 275

It's impossible to "lose" youtube-dl. It's open-source software, and it's not owned by a company. And it's one of many such scripts; it's not that hard to write a script to download YT music (though youtube-dl does a very nice job).

Besides, even if things got to the state where all commercial download sites were shut down, leaving only open-source programs like youtube-dl, that would probably end 99.9% of all downloading from YouTube, because most people can't be bothered to figure out stuff like that. youtube-dl after all is a Python program, so you can't even run it in Windows without installing Python, and it's a command-line tool which means that 99.999% of Windows users will have no earthly idea how to use it. (I find this strange too; when I was a teenager, it was perfectly normal for minimally-trained office secretaries to use PCs with MS-DOS and be perfectly capable of basic command-line work. Times have really changed.)

Comment Re:Ok, let me get this straight... (Score 2) 275

That's all fine and well, for dealing with companies that offer websites to facilitate downloading from YouTube.

But how do you deal with download scripts? You can't. If I can download a YT video using my browser (because it's impossible to listen to the song without downloading it, after all), then I can do the exact same thing with a script like "youtube-dl".

Of course, if they succeed in shutting down the download websites, that'll probably end most unauthorized copying, since most users appear to be too stupid and/or lazy to use a script like youtube-dl. Just look at how many people keep using Windows 10 after all.

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