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Journal Journal: Fox News Shoots Itself In The Foot 3

WTF, Fox News? How could the only real patriot running for the nomination - Rick Perry - not be included in the debate? Instead you're including that limp-wristed chickenshit Rand Paul? I used to be able to count on you guys, now you go and step in it.

Comment Re:Don't commit crimethink against Her Highness! (Score -1) 9

Worry not, I won't tell the libtard that you mentioned his crappy argument. His gay stalker trollness is not welcomed here, either.

I think he's mostly incompetent.

d_r? Definitely incompetent. BHO? Definitely pure evil. Go check out ace of spades and see the tallies of people who have lost their jobs due to Obamacare - and Obamunism in general. He's driving us straight off the cliff in the name of "progress".

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Journal Journal: Damn Right

Gary Kiehne just told it like it is - mass shooters are all libtards. Everyone should go register in Arizona and vote for this guy - maybe more than once to offset libtard vote-rigging - to reward him for being willing to tell it like it is. Whie you're there, enjoy the rewards of a free society where you don't have to bother with stupid li

Comment second editor fail in less than 24 hours (Score -1) 245

"As Whoever57 pointed out, there are some who will still get support for Microsoft Windows XP pointed out, there are some who will still get support for Microsoft Windows XP — the 'haves'

what on earth does that sentence mean? this is even worse than Timothy's earlier oversight of re-running the same article less than a week after its first run. we know slashdot doesn't pay editors to edit, but could they at least show enough pride in their job to read what they post?

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