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Comment Re:I want to love BSD (Score 1) 105

If you need a certain package and it doesn't exist or isn't well supported with a certain OS then that OS is dead to you regardless of all its other virtues.

If you don't have access to source, all major BSD's have support for running linux binaries. Can be a bit of work to setup but I've used it successfully for a few things.

Comment Re:It's the same for Blizzard. (Score 3, Insightful) 386

Steam will play in offline mode.

The degree of "play" will depend on the exact title you are using on Steam. For example, some Ubisoft games you'd be out of luck with for offline.

It would be nice if Steam started to play hard with those companies and mandate Steam's DRM only if the game was to be offered on Steam.

Comment Re:Pirates have other countermeasures too. (Score 1) 307

The interesting thing about that is the quality has not really dropped by much, not enough to really complain about. I suppose it's due to more use of VBR and multi-pass encoding. I tried to set that stuff up once, it's a pain and (at the time) had a lot more bugs. I suppose it's finally getting a bit more usable.

Comment Re:Good move. (Score 2) 180

Linksys pre-acquisition made perfectly serviceable home user grade hardware.

This was demonstrably false in earlier Linksys "router" hardware. The first "router" I used from Linksys required bi-weekly reboots to function at all. None of the firmware updates improved this, and some releases even made it worse.

Perhaps the quality has improved in later models, I wasn't willing to give it a second chance.

Comment Re:If you don't yet have one ... (Score 1) 112

Maybe it is the PNY brand? Who knows.

I'll throw in my one minor data point on this, my current video card is a PNY GTX 680 and I've had no issues with this card so far. Doesn't say anything about their production as a whole, but they are capable of making at least 1 functional card. My first few NVidia cards were BFG, which I did have some minor issues with, then I moved on to ASUS before this recent PNY upgrade and those ASUS were pretty good as well.

Comment Re:There was a Crysis 2? (Score 5, Informative) 182

PC gaming should be using ray-tracing by now, all these 1000 core GPU's and multi-card [solutions] should be able to process ray tracing calculations, yet there are no ray traced games out showing that there has been little innovation in PC gaming for the last 10 years.

No, wrong, Carmack has explained the issues involved with ray-tracing at least a dozen times. But clearly since you've worked out a better solution, maybe you should sell it and get rich?

Comment Re:Even if this was true... (Score 1) 1009

Enthusiasts have bloody hands from all the little solder points cutting into the skin.

I've had a couple computer cases which I would get cuts from every time I did any serious work on. The cases were OK overall, as long as you didn't open them, just too many sharp spots in too many places. Fortunately my newest cases are a bit better, I don't think I've got bloody from any recent selections.

They think about matching memory chips

This is basically how anyone buys RAM these days.

Maybe a pair of video cards with multiple monitors.

I have given up on SLI, just not worth it. One high end card and basically everything runs at max settings anyway (maybe 1 notch down on AA, whatever) with far less trouble.

Comment Re:Let's hope Steam on Linux gathers... steam (Score 1) 553

Well, for one you don't get the MFC libraries in the express versions. That's probably one of the most significant ones if you are dealing with anything that uses it.

Going forward it's probably not such a huge issue since Microsoft has been trying to transition away from it. I'm not sure what the differences are as far as the new Windows RT in express. I think they are trying to push people into making Metro apps, so the express of 2012 might be geared for just that.

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