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Comment Re:Would prefer a seperate app (Score 1) 81

Agree with the others - nobody suggested using paint for illustration. I work in television graphics and have to do stuff like grab a screen shot, crop it, and send it to clients. Running photoshop or GIMP for that is like running Visual Studio or eclipse to write a 3 line batch file.

Comment Re:Fix your 2D first, MS. (Score 1) 81

Ok, but what do you think this new paint will be like when they add all the features? It'll have big/deep menus and a lot of UI clutter in order to squeeze all the controls in, and it'll take just as long to load as GIMP does. I use paint when I need to do something like take a screenshot and crop it; it's simple and easy. I'm not nay-saying this new paint 3d program, but I imagine it'll be as complex as GIMP. Still not difficult to paste and crop an image, but just as long to load and do what I want as GIMP. It'll be nice to have something on every box by default, though.

Comment Re:And why are they doing that after all this time (Score 1) 81

Me, too. If I have to do a lot of work on images, or anything remotely complicated, I install something else, but when I need to take a screenshot and crop it, I can be done in paint before GIMP finishes loading. OK, not quite, but yes, for something like that it's simple and fast.

Comment Re:No you don't (Score 4, Insightful) 237

The problem with Microsoft, is that they view themselves as a "Windows" company. I've said this for years, and was laughed at a long time ago. They are still a "Windows" company. Everything they do, they try to tie into "Windows" regardless of whether or not it fits that product. In the end, they will be a Windows company.

Their mistake, is thinking "Windows" when they should have been thinking "Technology"

Comment Re:Isn't this like an ancience technology (Score 3, Insightful) 156

The 2000 liter requirement is kind of a deal breaker. If I have a 1 meter square device that can produce 50 liters a day, that would be way better than a 50,000 meter square device that makes 2000 liters a day.

And in some places, gathering 2000 liters of water from the air is nearly impossible, in other places, it is almost trivial.

And water isn't always the problem, it is usually "clean water" that is the problem.

Comment Incoming Fraud (Score 2) 21

This is going to open up whole new arenas of Fraud. Imagine a "fake" reseller "NlKE" selling fake Sneakers that never come.

(Please note that is not an "I" (capital i) that is an "l" (lower case L) )

Incoming Message from NlKE, "%50 off all NlKE sneakers! Buy now using PayPal!"

Please file under "what could possibly go wrong"

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 556

The Gender Studies department is about 95% female. They are very active and visible on campus. They spend a lot of time on 'outreach', yet they still can't crack 6% on male involvement.

I would classify that as a complete and utter failure. The problem is that they have created their own stereotype and now are struggling to overcome it. You can't spend your time bashing men(everything is misogyny and rape/sexual abuse) , and expect men to want to join.

Comment Re:Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 556

Affirmative Action was never about anything other than political correctness dressed up as a statistic that can be changed by government.

There are women in Construction, but the overwhelming members of that industrty are ... men - No outcry
There are men in Nursing, but the overwhelming members of nursing field are ... women. - No outcry
There are women in police and fire, but the overwhelming members are ... men. - No outcry

The terrible thing is, that when we tell women "You can be whatever you want" and then despise them for being what many of them want to be (moms) ; we are doing a huge disservice to women .Women are special, just as men are. They just tend to be specialized in different areas. Everyone being the "same" isn't progressive, it is enslavement.

Comment Re:11 minute of action per game (Score 1) 235

This may be true, but when it takes a pitcher (baseball) longer to throw a single pitch than it does to coordinate 11 (22 if you're counting both sides) from the completion of the last play to the start of the next that is ridiculous. Put players on base, and the time goes up excruciatingly so. Throw the damn pitch already; it shouldn't take two minutes to toss a ball 60'6".

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