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Comment Re:Not really open source if the source isn't open (Score 1) 117

The software side of the project may be open source. The drivers, system software, etc. That would make it fair to describe a project as open source.

Sure, the software side, yeah, but this is called the Open Source Scan Converter, not the Open Source Scan Converter Software, or the Open Source Scan Converter Firmware. The question was specifically about hardware projects. If you're billing yourself as an open source hardware project, then you have to make the source hardware designs available or else it's just not true.

Now I'm not seeing anywhere where the OSSC guys have billed the hardware as open source, there's no announcement, no web site explaining their goals and vision, just some guy who made a board and is selling kits and giving away the firmware, so I'm not convinced it really applies here. That said, if you are touting yourself as an open source hardware project, and the information on how to build the hardware isn't open, then you're just lying to everyone.

Comment Re:Bandwidth (Score 1) 222

Sure, you can see what you've used, but you have no idea what you will use.

If you had 100MB of data, how would you know how much of that it'll take to go to a random web page? How do you know that random web page won't just start feeding you the text to all the literary works ever created, over and over again?

How about one day the administrators of a website you frequent decide to put large streaming videos on their page one day. Now you just used up a bunch of your monthly allowance.

It's impossible for users to know how much data they will use.

Comment He's absolutely right (Score 5, Informative) 222

Nobody needs unlimited data, because nobody can use infinite amounts of data, they just need as much data as they use.

The problem is, nobody knows how much they need, because it's impossible for the average person to gauge data usage.

How much data does going to facebooks website take? Will I get the regular version of the site or the mobile version? Do I have a lot of pictures posted on my wall this time or not? How many times will I go there? Does my provider count facebook data against me or is it included in some fucked up social media exclusion promo? That's just one website. Throw in youtube, netflix, music streaming, mobile gaming, how is anyone supposed to fucking know what they need?

That's why everyone wants unlimited plans, so they don't have to worry about it.

Comment The biggest threat to this is Google... (Score 0) 87

Who uses any other search engine than Google? What happens when Google/Alphabet decide they want to lock shit down, censor search results, or even stop providing search services because it becomes unprofitable? Then what? Hell, the first two are already happening in some countries.

We should have competition in the search space, unfortunately bing is near useless, and there is really nothing else.

Comment Re:Where?? What is wrong with MORE CHOICE (Score 4, Insightful) 551

The phone ships with an adaptor that gives you back the audio jack you could copy from if you wished... no more DRM than before.

Except apps/the phone could refuse to play back certain "rights managed" media if it detects the adapter, or even worse, a non-beats/apple manufactured headset is connected.

"Sorry, this media is exclusive to Beats(tm) headphone users only."

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