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Comment Re: How can this possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 214

I think most of us understand this. I think most of us know that this has to do with selling stuff using the olympics without the permission of the Olympics. However, the olympics is lawsuit happy so it is not unreasonable to think the policy might have some negative impact on people who are just tweeting.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 2) 812

He has changed the topic of conversation from the emails to "trump wants russia to hack us".
No, he didn't do that. The Democrat supporting mainstream media has done that. The server is no longer online, it is in the FBI's possession. It would be impossible to hack it now, and the media knows that, but they're going to spin the story as much as they can to try and knock Trump. The fact is, the Russians (and/or others) already hacked that server. Trump joking about them finding the emails is not a request for them to hack the server now, it's a suggestion that they already have and just need to find the missing emails among all the other data they stole.

Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 812

Think about this for one minute...the emails were hosted on Hillary's private server. The server WAS hacked. The server was subsequently wiped and then confiscated by the FBI, where it now resides, disconnected and turned off. It would therefore be IMPOSSIBLE for a foreign nation to cyber-attack the server in order to recover the emails. So what Trump was implying is that Russia already potentially has the 30,000 emails from the previous hack, and just needs to find them in the trove of material they stole. Duh!

Comment Re:And give Putin a Pulitzer Prize (Score 1) 812

Newsflash: He wasn't actually calling on Russia to actively hack anyone. He said he hopes they can find the missing emails. It was clearly a joke, and clearly not a request for Russia to hack federal government computer systems. But hey, feel free to feign outrage over it because he's not representing your team.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 812

I think you're confusing "a press will actually investigate and report on a Trump Administration" with "Trump will cooperate with the press and answer all their questions". There's a big difference in how the media handles news about Republicans versus how they handle news about Democrats. It's almost like the media works for the Democrats and against the Republicans.

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