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Journal Journal: Nethack

I replaced my motherboard a few months ago. And now, nethack will not run. I was in the elemental planes, and nethack will not run. The important save files are in Falcon's Eye nethack, but I'm probably just going to DL normal nethack because I need a fix.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Dingbat/Symbol fonts

I'm trying to find a font with a smoking sign. I have to make this bloody schedule, and there's no bloody way I'm going through and putting a non-smoking symbol next to all these times because there's two in there that are actually smoking. Welcome to California.

Journal Journal: My kid sister is reading Mercedes Lackey 2

My kid sister is growing up so well. She's 13. She's got boobs. It's disturbing. But she has been straying from Harry Potter into slightly less mainstream scifi/fantasy. This is my moment to indoctrinate her. I've never spent so much time on one person's christmas present.

I gave her brother the complete hitchhiker's guide last year, so that's out of the question. I've also given them loads of Terry Pratchett too. I just read The Girl Who Knew Tomorrow by Zoa Sherburne, and it seems like a good kiddish sci-fi/fantasy type deal. All I really want is to expose her to some good scifi or fantasy, but it's got to be age appropriate. She reads at a very high level, but I don't want to give her gibson or stephenson, or any drug-riddled stories (so much for cyberpunk).

Any suggestions?


Journal Journal: Re-reading the Hitch-hiker's trilogy

It get's better every time. Haven't got to the bit with the euphoric robot yet. But the ruler of the universe was just as marvelous and inspiring this time. The krikit wars are finally starting to make sense. And yes I'm aware that none of this could possibly be interesting to anyone, so bite it. I'm just trying to practice actually using the journal. So ok, my life's not that exciting...

I did read Aristoi though last week. That was pretty exciting.

Ok. I hate you all.

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