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Comment Re:obviously (Score 1) 429

Yeah, both slash and reddit's codebases are available for reuse and have been for about ever. Personally, I much prefer reddit for this, since in the technical subs I actually find good shit in the comments fairly frequently because the stuff gets massively upvoted. Then again, it is a downside in the less technical stuff since it leads to nothing at all but hivemind there.

Comment Re:A couple of issues (Score 1) 913

Whoa there, Hoss. I think we are in violent agreement. I am just pointing out that the term engineer, which is what the poster was rabid about, can't be misused in the way he was objecting to. Which makes your point and I am agreeing with. It is just like chef. Anyone can call themselves a chef, anyone can call themselves a computer engineer. So yeah, getting a good degree from a good school is important. That was actually the point I was making. "Engineer" doesn't mean dick in the US. A good degree to start and a good track record later, those mean everything.

Should we have government certification for what makes a computer engineer? Personally I think that is a retarded idea and didn't say I thought we needed one.

Switch to decaf.

Comment Re:A couple of issues (Score 2) 913

The general gist of this thread is a good one and getting a degree is a great idea. But CS engineering has no licensing requirements in the US, so no, it doesn't actually mean something. I have met more than my share of people with engineering degrees from third rate state schools who are absolutely abysmal. And equally I have met a very few absolutely brilliant engineers who have no degree at all and are completely self taught.

Again, I don't disagree on the whole with your general sentiment. Nor am I trying to attack state school education, I have met some solid folks who came out of state schools (Berkeley comes to mind immediately). Just that the generic statement that engineer means something in the US is demonstrably wrong. Personally, I don't have much respect for CS as an *undergraduate* degree in general. Folks coming out of Berkeley, Princeton, MIT, Caltech and a few other schools, a BS in CS is a pretty serious piece of paper. But if I had to make a generic call, MS and up is where I would put the engineer tag if you wanted to be really serious about it.

And this slightly less than brilliant original poster, if I were him I would go for one of those life experience degrees from a lower ranked state school, assuming he actually has the life experience, which can require only a couple of semesters of additional coursework if he has enough documentable experience, and then use that to get into an MS program at a not-to-competitive institution (since a top ranked institution won't look kindly on the GED of college degrees). Of course, the odds of him failing horribly due to not having the fundamentals solid is high. But it would meet his personal goals of avoiding as much non-CS coursework as possible.

Comment Re:Poor choice for screensaver? (Score 1) 907

Sorry, sport, I don't have a netbook. I have a laptop. Oh, they are the same thing? But the marketing on netbooks and notebooks doesn't say that. Netbook = limited little OS things. So that doesn't apply to me. Oh, wait, it does? I _am_ supposed to use that on my notebook?

You see where I am going here? And the netbook distro is fairly recent so that is why I hadn't seen it. But it doesn't matter. It still reinforces the point of consumer confusion. Which the thing we are talking about here. I personally don't care about this because I can and do compile my own kernels when the mood strikes. We are talking about general consumers here. And the point still stands that this issue causes unncessary confusion and is a clear barrier to adoption.

Comment Re:Poor choice for screensaver? (Score 5, Insightful) 907

Would you? Really? Cause I have been using Linux exclusively for my servers, desktops and notebooks for years and I didn't know there was a "laptop" ubuntu. Or suse. Or redhat.

Actually, I still don't know that. But I will take your word for it that something like that exists in some niche under a rock. Everything does. Linux distros are like porn on the net, if you can think of it, someone has done it. And heck, there are probably even supported ones from the three distros above maybe. Just I never heard of them because I haven't cared enough to look.

Which brings us to the odds of "the average computer user" having heard of them: Zero. Zip. None, Nil.

Plus, they have absolutely no conditioning for it, coming from either Mac or Win, where you don't need a magic special install to make your laptop work with your OS. You just do it.

So basically this isn't negating the OP's point, but instead reinforcing it. It is just another reason for people who aren't geeks to say: linux, I tried that but my battery life cut in half, so I put Win back on my machine.

Comment Onestops aren't walmart, this article is wrong (Score 5, Interesting) 334

One stops are mid level distributors that carry product from multiple labels. Somewhere the person writing this article got very confused by what is going on here.

If you look at the article comments there is a guy there who is also pointing this out.

Not saying EMI isn't annoying as are most of the labels, but this article is seriously confused.


Submission + - Energy Secretary Chu endorses "clean coal" (

DesScorp writes: "The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Energy Secretary Steven Chu is endorsing "clean coal" technology and research, and is taking a pragmatic approach to coal as an energy supply. ""It absolutely is worthwhile to invest in carbon capture and storage because we are not in a vacuum," Mr. Chu told reporters Tuesday following an appearance at an Energy Information Administration conference. "Even if the United States or Europe turns its back on coal, India and China will not," he said. Mr. Chu added that "quite frankly I doubt if the United States will turn its back on coal. We are generating over 50% of our electrical energy from coal."" The United States has the worlds largest reserves of coal. Secretary Chu has reversed his positions on coal and nuclear power, previously opposing them, and once calling coal "My worst nightmare"."

Comment Re:Sadly, I don't think anyone cares (Score 1) 115

Exactly! The UK is bristling with cctv cameras running into police stations and campaigns to have citizens turn in other citizens over simply taking pictures on the street. This isn't a society that, as a whole, has shown a whole lot of wanna when it comes to protecting their privacy or really giving a crap.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Court aquits site owner (

Venik writes: "The head of MediaServices — the parent company of music download service — was cleared of copyright infringement charges by the Russian court. A spokesman for the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, representing the plaintiffs in the case (EMI Group Plc, NBC Universal and Time Warner Inc.) said they will appeal the court's ruling. Since the closing of the main site last month, MediaServices has established another music download service —"
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Eve Online's New Chief Economist (

eldavojohn writes: "The popular online game Eve Online has just hired a real world economist who has a doctorate. The doctor said, "There's a lot of discussion in the game about inflation and that is my job, to find out if inflation is going on. This makes the consumers behave in a more natural way because they are competing against each other on multiple levels, not only on a tactical level in combat but for logistics and resources. That builds consumer behavior and patterns that you see in the real world." Is this a serious step to keep Eve Online competitive in the virtual land of MMOs despite scandals, Ponzi schemes & scams or is this merely a ploy to make it look like they're serious? Will CCP's developers actually take orders from their new financial chief and introduce money sinks to control inflation?"

Submission + - New Unpatented Cancer Drug

An anonymous reader writes: New Scientist is running a story about a new cancer drug that activates cell death in cancer tumors by activating cell apoptosis (the process in which cells die) by turning on the mitochondria normally inactive in cancer cells. Interestingly the drugs used in this treatment have been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders, so they aren't covered by any existing patents. This might slow down their development, but raises hopes about relatively cheap drugs to combat many different forms of cancer. LC-nletter&nsref=dn10971

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