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Comment Here's the deal about grid connect (Score 4, Informative) 280

The grid operator/utility doesn't actually do business with the home owner. Home owners are too small for the effort involved. What the grid operator does business with is called an aggregation entity (Solar City etc). This is why the home owner still buys power at silly low rates.

The aggregation entity does all the accounting and sells the energy the homeowner doesn't use or store to the grid operator at rates mandated by regulatory agencies. The sell rate to the home owner NOT regulated in any way, only the sell to the grid.

That same entity is also involved in what are called rate up/rate down events. This is where the entity get's paid for being able to supply energy during peak loads OR more importantly absorbing and storing energy during excess generation periods. This is why the system having storage is important. Also of note, the home owner does NOT participate is revenues derived from rate up/rate down events.

Comment Re:On the surface (Score 1) 80

What he said!

At one time (design time of LTE network protocols) conceiving of a "rogue" base station was unthinkable... Tens of thousands just to start. Now, SDR allows almost any kind of radio transmitter for next to nothing and the unthinkable become thinkable.

As the good Dr Oppenheimer had to say "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.".

Thanks "disruptive" technologists... Another instance of "just because you can doesn't mean you should"

Submission + - Build your own Stingray (

bferrell writes: Why let the law enforcement operate be the only operators of stingrays? Here's an article on how to build one for yourself.

Comment Better agencies to address this (Score 1) 160

would be the FTC (Fereral Trade commission) and ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission). They were both set up to deal with the same issue decades ago... Fair pricing for carriage of "goods". In this case the good are packets and then it was beef and grain on the railroads, but the ISPs (carriers of goods) are acting not, like the railroad did then. Similar issues should be solvable by similar means

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