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Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

Consider a bit of engineering.

This is a very rough based on a newer english hydrogen fuel cell car. I'm too lazy right now to find the exact car, but it's been talked about here on slash. It uses a fuel cell from hydrogenics (a canadian company, go google it) that generates 8Kw on a 1.1kilo "charge" of hydrogen and does that for 300 miles. Assuming that 300 miles is at 65 miles per hour, about 5 hours. So 1.1 kilos of hydrogen fuel is 40Kw hours (8Kw x 5 hours). There ARE smaller fuel cell units available from the supplier. The fuel cell form factor is a bit bigger (maybe double) than an 80's VCR. My house draws at peak 1.5KWhr... I'm a VERY heavy electric user. The fuel tank (from what I can determine looking at pictures) is larger than the tank for a propane torch but much smaller the the propane tank you hook up to you BBQ.

Now, extrapolate how long you can run you home on a bank of 10 tanks the size of BBQ tanks? How about a tank the size commonly used in rural america for propane? Now, add an energenics PV to hydrogen solution? Guess what? I can fill a tank very quickly and take it where I need to fuel a fuel cell and it's not all heavy like batteries.

Big Oil hates this. So does big battery. Of course the co-founder Tesla is bad mouthing the tech. There is no subscription business model to be taken advantage of.

Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

While homeowners get "free" charging, others do not... So people living in high density situations are still dependent on gas station-style charging along with long battery charge times. Long battery charge time means charging stations have to be larger (space for cars to sit and charge). Battery electrics are at best elitist, expensive and heavy.

Comment Re:You're not really explaining why you use T-Bird (Score 2) 388

I do it... have local storage for remote imap accounts. Nothing stays in the cloud. I also run my own mail server.

"the younger crowd" seem to have taken the advice of "use someone else's..." to heart, just as a Harvard MBA will tell you to only focus on your own core competencies... taken to it's logical conclusion, it almost always leads to loss of core control and the wail of "But I followed best practices!!! what happened?!" is heard.

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