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Comment Let's see... (Score 1) 207

The current mind set is that if it's NOT the end employer or a government agency just about anything is A-OK... It's never been tested in a court and until it is, private entities will continue to do as they damned well please. Hence Uber-gate like occurrences (I'm talking about running self operating machines without proper clearance "We don't HAVE to! Oops, yes we do. We're sorry").

sigh, we seem to have lost the idea that just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Comment Re:financial management skills (Score 1) 805

Yes the median is below what the OP claimed, 160k. You're right, I presumed no care costs. Retirement savings actually help at that income level. They drop the 28% as do flex spending accounts to pay for child/elder care that tend to be offered at companies that pay 160K. He STILL has over 6k/month to deal with those costs even without the flex and retirement tax savings.

All of this falls into... Can you say it? Financial management. I knew ya could.

Comment financial management skills (Score 2) 805

let's see... My crude rule of thumb, that kept me out of IRS trouble when I was self employed was set aside 28% for taxes. Call it 45,000/year out of 160,000. Leaving 115,000. Rent of 3000/month... 36000/year and now I see 76,000/year or 6500/month.

Oh the poor baby!

I'd say he needs to learn how to manage his money. From the looks of his complaint, he's a windows or Mac weenie... Quicken will help him a lot

Comment Got a suggestion... (Score 4, Interesting) 138

Follow the money.

Many, many moons ago studios owned the theaters and there were enforced anti-trust actions. A few years back I started wondering who owned what and found something interesting. Large amusement companies own the theater chains. They also hold large stakes in the studios and many production companies.

Ya know how we sometimes stories about how a musical group get's a million dollar contract for 2 albums and all the production costs are billed by the record company against the contract... And all the companies and services being paid are subsidiaries of the record company?

It seems to work the same way in movies. Except they got smart enough to not do it directly and the big amusement companies collect at every step of the way.

Comment Re:I don't understand the legal system (Score 1) 155

They can file an appeal.

Unless they have a new argument or case law to refer to, the court will simply tell them no and could possibly impose sanctions.

SCOTUS has already told Oracle no so there is nothing to be gained there.

As was seen in the film, A Few Good Men, "I vigorously protest!" is treated as contempt of the court. Granted, it's just a movie.

Submission + - Nanorods Emit and Detect Light, Could Lead to Displays That Communicate via Li-F (

schwit1 writes: Ever since 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, quantum dots have been in a market struggle to displace light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a backlight source for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Now an advance by a team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in South Korea and Dow Chemical may turn the display market on its head by eliminating the need for backlights in LCD devices. They have produced a LED pixel out of nanorods capable of both emitting and detecting light.

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