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Journal Journal: Boycott China Olympic Games

1. I won't watch _any_ of the olympic games, nor its opening, nothing;
2. I will write to my sat TV operator (Sky) and I'll make them know about it;
3. I won't visit _any_ olympic games-related website;
4. I will make sure who advertises in Beijing'2008 and I won't buy any merchandise from them for the whole year, starting now.

My initial compiled list of 2008 sponsors/advertisers to boycott (specific to Beijing and non-chinese):

* Volkswagen
* Adidas
* Jonhson & Jonhson's (China?)
* Heier
* Budweiser

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Journal Journal: Dreams are weird. 1

Two ideas for books/scripts my dreams pitched to me just now (6:14 am):

1. "The Heist": Humberto and friends get out in crappy car from bank robbery gone south (less money in bank than expect) and their runaway path goes even worse (earthquake provokes train wreck, dirty detectives get a cut that belongs to load shark). Mostly "prision break" style action.

2. "The Community": Humberto re-encounters lots of people from the CS community he considered his friends during his drinking times and tries to figure it out why he is known as so undependable, and tries to put his act together. Tries to dodge out lots of babes because he's not the ladies man anymore. Or is he? Samanta Who is a Guy meets the IT crowd.

Critique please. My "the ghost brides" novel is still unfinished, and I doubt I will work on it on the 15-days vacation that starts next Wednesday, but who knows?

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Journal Journal: Lots of things to do:

OpenMoko: develop a "game plan", wait for GTA02 phone, buy it, develop my dialer app;
At work: rewriting a major part of the Events app -- this is taking longer than I planned;
MundoIT: this is halted for the last three weeks -- I have to tell Y that I'm still on-board...

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Journal Journal: Party aftermath

Ok. So, Sunday lunch time was Lucas' 7th birthday party and Raquel's christening party. The Massas were there (almost all of them), some Andrades too, and my dad and my half-sister Joana (important to notice: her mother almost always gets in the way of her going).
Noticeably absent was my father-in-law. And Mariana (my sister), who is in Germany (she got married recently with a German dude -- David [pronounced with a germanic A, obviously])
My best friend Yuri was there, with his daughter Maya (8 days older than Raquel) and wife Dimitra! Hey! Woot!
Visitors came from the South of Minas Gerais since Friday; and Saturday night I fell while trying to ice-skate (I thought it would be like bycicling -- proverbially unforgettable -- but it's NOT) and I think I cracked a rib (I fell over the skating ring fence -- and I'm almost 100kg now, 40kg more than the last time I ice-skated) -- it's hurting badly since. So, I will probably get my insurance card now and try to take an X-ray or something.
The house was full 'till yesterday morning, when the last people went away... This means I ate a lot... No diet can survive buying loads of sweet loaves, cakes, and other edibles for your houseguests.
Lucas made a nice speech before the "happy birthday" song. It was a wonderful party. I even took some vodca with guava juice and it was GOOD.
The photographer girls took some nice pics of me kissing Ivana (my wife) so, I'm eager to see those.
So, I'm happy, I'm tired, I worked a lot yesterday and today -- besides the whole weekend. But that's it.

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Journal Journal: Things are good.

Today is set to be a boring day. It's 8 am and I'm at the office, the work day goes only till noon. Then, I'll hop into a bus (left the car at home) and today is soccer day :-) Brasil vs. Japan. Not really exciting, but...
Oh, yes, and I'm alone at the office. The Powers that Be decided that people could take either today or last Thursday off... I opted for coming today, and apparently I was the only one (of a development crew of 15). It's kind of funny. And silent. Maybe I should slay them all. The voices told me to. :-) Yes, I'm kidding.
Left baby girl awake, boy asleep, with their Mom. I have to arrive at home as early as possible. Maternity leave is killing me. I like it best when she has all workly things to worry about.
Interestingly enough, I'm reading Luis Fernando Veríssimo's "O Jardim do Diabo" (The Devil's Garden -- a reference to the "an idle mind is the Devil's garden" phrase -- I don't know exactly how does this go in English), and I really think she is hagin too much "idle mind time".
In the work thing, I have a nice perspective for doing the Institutional Contacts work but I'm still without a lot of energy. Let's see what I can do next week -- If Brasil wins today, next week is without Monday, I'll drink my ass off and I'll arrive to work Tuesday with a nice hangover without even getting really drunk. This have happened a lot, and I'm afraid to ask my doctor (or look in the Intarwebs thing) if my medicine [bupropion] reacts in any way with CH3CH2OH -- or with my liver. Hangover without buzz really sucks. And it will ruin my work week.
I just went to DrSteve (closed the tab, so I won't link) and people reported blackouts while mixing >2 doses of booze and bupropion. Too bad. I will most certainly take more than two today -- maybe I'll skip the pills. DrSteve flashed the magic scary words "Grand Mal Seizure possibly resulting in death", and I'm not on to find out if he's right. At least not before I slay all my workmates :-) Bwhhyhwhwhwhwaaaah evil laugh.

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Journal Journal: Quite a disappointment... 2

My work yesterday didn't go as far as I thought it would... bah. Today won't be different... I am quite sleepy. Baby girl stayed up from 4am on... One meeting with good results went, a coworker needs some help with one reporting library I wrote (we did the mods he wanted!!), and I have to go at four o'clock for some ceremony at the boy's school. Pretty much it. Some ideas are boiling in my head, but they don't seem to want to get out of there.

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Journal Journal: Feeling better

Dr. Guilherme's appointment yesterday. More Zetron to me (ADHD), feeling better. He came up with some suggestions to improve my marriage's communication. Baby girl is doing find, slept all night long (06:33 while I write this). Baby boy is behaving well -- but I must not forget to call his doctor, too. Yeah, it's hereditary.
Work seems to be un-stuck now. I feel/hope that today will be a nice work day.
Hope it is nice to y'all readers too.

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Journal Journal: Work day

Two pending bug tickets, the assignment to make two or three meeting logs, and the assignment to make a sync system for the session_recorder program. Eita.

I am seriously blue today. Let's see if I can end _one_ of those things, at least.

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