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Comment Re:Avoidance (Score 5, Insightful) 82

True enough. In Admin 101 we learn that when you promote everyone that is good at his job, you end up with everyone at the position they suck the most... then you tank the entire firm because of that. RAISE. If someone is good at their job, the right way of reward them is to raise their salary (you can even compute how much they contribute more to the earnings of the firm, and raise them accordingly), not to "promote" them. That is triply-true in tech companies, because middle management sucks, but BEING middle management sucks more (which probably is a reason why middle management sucks so much).

Comment Re:Drivers, not gov't are choosing to deny rides. (Score 1) 166

Well, down here (Brasil) you are actually half-wrong.

Their business model is derived solely from insufficiently insured cars

The insurance Uber cars have here is approximately the double of those the cabs have.

and misclassified workers

Yeah, the jury is still out on the whole "sharing economy" thing. I agree there is the potential to a whole lot of abuse; but I think work over-regulation is not without its maladies, too.

To services like Uber, a minimal inspection package is still too much. They prefer a special deal that makes them the taxi company.

I couldn't parse this, care to elaborate, please?

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