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From the latest Facebook scandal:

Re:Serious Allegations
by Draykwing (900431) writes: on Sunday March 07, @10:09PM (#31396826)
Why do you think that when I used it, I changed my password, gave them the changed one, and immediately after changed it to a third, unrelated password?

            Re:Serious Allegations
            by gparent (1242548) writes: on Sunday March 07, @11:03PM (#31397188)
            Because you're Jason Bourne?


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From "No App Store For Microsoft's Zune HD" (comparing to iPod, of course):

Re:Let me fix that foryou.. (Score:0)
by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday September 15, @02:13PM (#29429107)

In other news, I'm going out for a bike ride like my competitor Lance Armstrong . . .

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From "Ask Slashdot: Are Code Reviews Worth It?":

Re:Are they worth it? (Score:5, Funny)
by Hognoxious (631665) Alter Relationship on Sunday June 14, @08:59AM (#28325999) Homepage Journal

In my experience, Pair programmers are more than twice as productive as a single developer when you factor in all the errors and bugs prevented by having two sets of eyes on the same problem.

In my experience, unicorns are 2.7 times better than mermaids at debugging.

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