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Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 1) 171

Or I can just open multiple SSH sessions and not have to rely on Microsoft at all. I'm sorry, it's clear they have a substandard product, and if you're using this Ubuntu-on-Windows, by this bug alone, you're using an inferior technology. I have no idea what your complaints about drivers are about, since I haven't any of the issues you claim. My guess is you're just another MS shill, but now that the official message is "Ubuntu is good so long is it is running under Windows", your messaging has to adjust.

Comment Re:Not an alternative to Linux, an alternative to (Score 2) 171

Pretty good shape for what? I can download Ubuntu and throw it on a box for, well, the cost of the machine (and I've got several lying around). If I want to move data around I've got everything from Samba to ssh copying, and even NFS. What is it exactly that running Ubuntu under Windows grants me? As it stands, at the moment, I'd be pretty buggered with this update. Microsoft's QA on their own products has gone down the crapper, why would I want the same level of incompetence responsible for my BASH session?

Comment Re:No more Linux Clients (Score 1) 171

In the long term Microsoft is fearful that the whole computing world is shifting beneath their feet, and they need to try to stay relevant. I'm sure there some of the old the old Triple-E evilness here, but in reality they're watching the PC fading as a platform (no, it won't die quickly, but it is doomed), so trying to get more developers to use their platform, even if it means they're running a fucking BASH shell and developing with vi is better than them not using a Microsoft product at all.

For myself, I can't see any reason to use this Ubuntu-on-Windows. I have Linux test systems and I have Windows test systems. I can move data between them easily and don't have to deal with the idiosyncrasies of one fucking up the other when one is running under the other. I certainly no development advantage when I can run Linux for free.

Comment Re:Scientists and doctors.. (Score 0) 275

All I'm seeing right now is Congress is going to start moving to claw back the Presidency's legislatively enabled executive powers. There's already some movement to strip the Executive of creating tariffs https://www.markettamer.com/bl... so I imagine one legacy of Trump may be a much weaker presidency for years to come.

Comment Re:Can you say "the american way" ? (Score 1) 472

It's also important to note that taxes were in fact a lot higher and unions a lot more powerful in that golden age. The industrial boom meant workers had a lot more overall economic power, and it also meant governments spent a lot more on infrastructure. It wasn't just companies who were building like crazy, so were governments. With the Reagan era came the notion that the only thing you need to do is cut taxes and magic will happen.

Comment Re:way too generous (Score 1) 472

By and large the Boomers are leaving the work force, and it is that massive wealth retention that that generation holds that is at least partly to explain. These people are living longer than their parents, and creating a huge demographic bubble that is raising all sorts of costs. I can't really think of any population boom, at least in the West, quite like the Baby Boom. Maybe in the wake of the Black Death or something when populations rebounded, but the Baby Boom is a pretty unique demographic phenomenon.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score -1) 472

The simple minds around here love catchphrase answers like "young people are delicate snowflakes" and "millennials are all lazy". The fact is that the Baby Boomers are in fact the wealthiest human beings who ever lived on average, and in large part that was because of a series of post-WWII economic booms, particularly in North America. My old man literally quit school when he was 15 and was hired at a local sawmill, and worked for the same company until his retirement at 55. I had a teacher when I was in high school telling me that in my town some of the teenagers who working at the mills were driving nicer cars than he was.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 197

The Nazis didn't come out of nowhere. Their anti Semitism was merely a more extreme form if anti Jewish sentiment to be found from Ireland to the Urals. They were also a home grown menace, not alien invaders into Germany. As to invading neighbors, Germany had been plotting that while Hitler was working as a government mole in the nascent National Socialist movement.

Islamic terrorism does not represent an existential threat to the West

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