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Comment USPS (Score 1) 81

I would support extending the legal protection afforded USPS mail to email services provided commercially.

If you can't do it to an envelope with a letter, then you couldn't do it to an email.

Comment In The Beginning... (Score 3, Funny) 81

...there were only grunts and gestures

Then there were single syllable words naming things

Then came a real language allowing the exchanging of information.

Then came pictures, symbolizing information

Then came the written word

Then came Paper, allowing anyone to write.

Then came Printing, spreading written material all over the world.

Then came Computers, digitizing pictures and words and making vast sums of knowledge searchable.

Then came email, allow the communication of that knowledge in a timely and logical manner

Then came social media with crude editors and un-intuitive interfaces

Then came Twitter with a 140 character limit.

Then came emojiis, replacing the written word with pictures.

Next will be digitized grunts and gestures.

Comment Re:Battery (Score 1) 68

The battery is removable, or they can go straight to hell with the crap. I wouldn't take it as a gift.

Okay. It isn't open--I think I can still return it. What would you prefer instead? I can get you a gift card to Fazoli's for the same amount, or I can make a donation in your name to the Human Fund.

Comment It was always sick (Score 3, Insightful) 172

What happened to Flash:

1. Animating junk on web pages was never very useful, so people more-or-less stopped doing it. Flash saved itself by becoming a way to deliver web video.
2. Decoding video with a general purpose CPU is very much inferior to decoding it with dedicated logic. Video standards were designed to enable dedicated logic decoders. CPU-based decoding used far, far too much energy so Flash couldn't compete or even come close.

Flash became mostly useless. Then it became only a way to get your system hacked and added to a botnet. Then it became nothing.

Comment Re:Democrats (Score 1) 475

Democrats do not, in any way shape or form, want to keep people from negative consequences.

If that were true, there wouldn't be any "social safety net". The problem is, people tend to get tangled up in the nets. Social Security keeps people from the some of the negative consequence of not saving for retirement. WIC and Medicaid keep people from some of the negative consequences of having children out of wedlock. People in either one of these circumstances are better off than if the safety nets didn't exist, but they are worse off than if they had exercised personal responsibility in the first place. Scared and dependent is exactly where the Democrats want people to be so they have a locked in constituency.

Comment Will have to upgrade eventually (Score 1) 160

But not today, or April 11. We have Windows 7 at work, and Windows 10 at the college where I teach. Windows 10 has exactly 0 compelling new features for me. Sadly, our department at work will be upgrading sometime before the fall semester. Can't wait to see what specialized software I run is going to break!

Comment Re:Who's "we"? (Score 1) 364

People ate before money was invented. People eat without it now in fact. I've given food to countless people over the years. To a neighbor who lost his job, to relatives who were having hard times, to strangers that I heard through friends were in need. People will always feed the hungry. It's money they're loathe to part with. Too often having seen people they gave money to run off to the liquor store or the corner station to grab some alcohol. You know if you give people food, they'll eat it. I'm older now, and death isn't that frightening. Well, let me rephrase that. I'm not afraid of "being" dead. It's the process that worries me. Gasping out for breath doesn't sound like fun. My children and grown and have children of their own and in the end that's the only thing left behind that matters to me. I don't think I like the idea of living my final years worrying about some bureaucrat with his finger on the mouse clicking a button to turn off my money. Why in hell do people think giving that power to someone, anyone at all, a good idea? I'm really too old for that shit. I don't mind the fucking kids on the lawn but that shit there is too damn much.

Comment Re:It's just smart business. (Score 1) 365

Yeah! Look at all the office clerks sitting out of work because computers automated their jobs! Individual banks alone used to employ thousands of people who've all been replaced by computers automating their job. What will all those people ever be able to do? How will they survive!

You should stop using a computer and go back to hiring people to do the same work instead. Think of how much more benefit you'll have on society!

No need to respond to this post unless you decide it's actually just fine for you to automate the work involved in posting on /. with a computer instead of hiring real people to do the work for you...

Comment Re:Democrats (Score 1) 475

So in summary, the FCC goes back to not regulating this, just like they didn't regulate this until oh... all of 6 months ago?

The rules Congress just disapproved were passed in October 2016. The Internet survived just fine for decades without the FCC's rules. Pretty sure the sky isn't going to fall as a result of these regulations only lasting a few months.

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