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Comment Re:Capitalism? (Score 1) 259

I'm not seeing what in True Capitalism prevents the enslaving.

A just government dedicated to the rights of the people (individually). As of right now, the US Constitution has indentured every working person (enslaved) in a violation of the 14th Amendment. Socialism by definition requires the taking of a mans effort, and giving it to another, under threat. The 16th Amendment is, a horrible case of government enslaving its people. A man ought to have complete and total control over the wages he makes, and not having any such protection, we are all slaves to government.

A government that can take whatever it wants from you (via taxes) can take everything you have. There is no limit.

Comment Re:Capitalism? (Score 1) 259

The purpose of government is to ensure the liberties of its citizenry, not play mommy and daddy protecting people from themselves.

Constitution says so, but they are (patents and copyright) rights as in the same as "freedom of speech" is a right, but are the only rights that are limited (time in this case) Interestingly, because it is a right (granted, not natural) it also requires securing. Which is, IMHO, the duty and purpose of government.

securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

There is no right of "contract" anywhere in the Constitution. Which is one of the reasons why I am opposed to government (at any level) defining marriage in any way shape or form (marriage being a contract). Keep in mind, I am a Libertarian, so my views are based on liberty. My views on Contracts (and incorporation) are that these are grants of the state (governments at any level) , and therefore are created and exist with the blessing of the state, which means the state can also dissolve them. Imagine a Corporation accused, tried and convicted of some crime, and the state having the power to dissolve it, sell off the assets and give the victims their due, how that would change the "moral" nature of the corporation itself. I call it the "corporate death sentence". Yes, corporations are legal entities, but only because the state allows it to be that way.

I am not anarchist. I have a very well defined purpose of government ...

... establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Such a government would lead to a very prosperous nation and people. Anything less is a road to tyranny.

Comment Re:Donald Trump is evil (Score 1) 252

I would like to see some citation to back that up.

I'd like to see some citation to back that up he said "ALL illegal immigrants are rapists." I'm not voting for the guy, but I see this come up time and again, but nobody can point out a direct quote or piece of writing by Trump where he states it. The things he does & says are bad enough, you don't need to make up anything additional.

Comment Re:Who should we blame? (Score 1) 190

warning that failure to read/understand properly before clicking OK may result in personal legal liabilities)

Which, considering I'm one of the 95% of the world's population that doesn't live in the country all such warnings are written (i.e. the USA), has no meaning to me. Then there are the many, many people that don't understand English well enough or don't understand computing well enough to even stand a chance of understanding such long, long pieces of legalese.

Comment Re:Business as usual (Score 1) 259

Observe as attack lap dogs regurgitate distraction memes about safety or regulation.

Most of those meme fail once you actually test them. The "Safety" regulations aren't just the obvious (Fire alarms), but go all the way down to "bedbugs". The problem is, that no amount of regulation actually solves any problem and the regulations aren't actually enforced when there is a failure. Yes, Hilton has fire detectors in every room because of regulation, but my view is that they would have them (eventually) anyways. It is kind of like "free wifi" is, it is a "selling point". Eventually everyone has "Free Internet" anyways, because those that do not have it will eventually lose business.

Hilton will take extra steps to get rid of "bedbugs" in because they rely upon their reputation. An AirBNB member probably cannot provide that level of service. Eventually, the marketplace will sort it out, it always does.

Comment Worse than a bus (Score 4, Interesting) 101

It will leave from a terminal, not from where you are. It will arrive at a terminal, not your destination. It will go on a schedule, not when you're ready. It will be a lot more expensive than a bus ticket. It won't work in bad weather. There will be TSA (unless we come to our senses before 2026).

It's not an inherently bad idea, but who is it for? Who'll be willing to pay the fare? Who has a 2 hour commute?

Are they going to swap out the battery with a charged one for the return trip? And why are they saying it will be quiet? Are helicopters loud because of combustion, or because the blades disturb the air?

Comment Re:Capitalism? (Score 1) 259

Actually, under True Capitalism, the rich cannot enslave anyone, especially in a republic of laws that prohibit it. So instead of Capitalism and Republic, we are going down the tubes to Socialism and Democracy based on convenience and emotion.

They(Liberal socialists) never realize that markets want to be free, and the only way to keep them from being free is totalitarianism (rules, regulations, taxes and government guns)

Comment Re:Hotel CEO Openly Does His Job (Score 1) 259

Monopolies are only temporary. They eventually die under their own weight. We (people in general) tend to look for quick and easy solutions so they aren't tolerated very well, when you can vote them out of business. But once you can vote a Monopoly out of business, you can vote any business out of business.

I call this the rule of unintended consequences. My best example is the rise of Linux in the era of Microsoft Monopoly. The Microsoft Monopoly created the need for an alternative (Linux) and Linus found a way (GPL) that would protect his new creation against being taken over by the monopoly. The combination (GPL, Linux Code) has proven to be Microsoft's biggest competitor, and they really have no ability to counter it. I personally doubt Linux would have had that success it has, without Microsoft Monopoly. We are in the age of "Linux on the desktop" except the "desktop" has moved to the pocket (Android), to embedded devices, to all sorts of places Windows can't, and Microsoft can't compete. End of Monopoly. Windows is slowing diminishing in marketplace. Pretty soon, you won't need Windows to run "that one app" that isn't available anywhere else. Someone is building an appliance that does the same thing as "windows / that one app" does.

Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 252

I have seen far fewer campaign signs posted than usual for a presidential election. Lots of nose-holding all around.

I live in a conservative area in Michigan, and there are a lot of Trump/Pence signs, but extraordinarily few Clinton/Kaine signs. In fact, I've seen more "Hillary for Prison" signs than I've seen Clinton/Kaine signs. I've also seen a few Johnson/Weld signs, but no Stein signs.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 259

Actually, the rents tend to be higher and availability is lower, since Landlords can now rent AirBNB and earn more money than they can doing whole month leases.

The problem isn't for the Landlords it is for the big Hotels that are losing lots of customers due to increased supply. These new rules are designed to realign the supply for the benefit of the entrenched industries (hotels)

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