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Comment Re: More proof (Score 1) 414

Racism isn't bad because it's mean. Racism is bad because it is stupid. Like, having a heartfelt belief that red cars are faster than blue cars kinda stupid.

Tribalism and identity politics, on the other hand are bad because they make enemies of everyone outside the tribe.

That's what's happening. All these people trying to push their tribe forward are creating bad feelings. They're not helping anyone, including those they purport to support.

Comment Tojan detected! (Score 4, Insightful) 272

The NSA is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. This whole things smells fishy. "bad actors" will buy this software on the black market, use it to spy on other people all the while the NSA actually gets to watch everything over their shoulders: backdoors into the networks of those that installed it, side-channel copies of all the surveillance etc.

Installing stolen NSA software obtained on the black market would be as smart as installing that cool new game downloaded from a warez folder found on a porn site.

Comment Re: Yeah Germany (Score 1) 472

It's so funny, listening to death worshiping western nations who rely on foreign born to make up for all the children they didn't feel it their responsibility to bear and raise.

Like fleas talking about how much more evolved they are than dogs.

So, on topic... you get that has as much population as North and South America, Africa and Europe combined, right?

They only need a tiny percentage of their young population to develop these skills to outnumber your entire domestic IT workforce. Judging them by the average Indian may be good for your ego, but it won't help you understand why this is happening.

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