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Comment Re:Measure the subjective responses (Score 1) 180

I think it is useful to have a list ranked by recommendations, even if the list is biased, arbitrary and subjective. If that list leads me to read 'Exhalation' instead of 'Animorphs'; 'Shoggoths in Bloom' instead of 'Battlefield Earth' then it has served a useful purpose. As the parent says we have a finite amount of time.

Comment Re:PT Barnum was right (Score 4, Insightful) 264

Are you f'ing kidding? Right now I am looking at that damn 'UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10' popup on all three of my computers. I've gone into the registry to remove it but it keeps coming back. Several times a day this thing interrupts my work. I dread accidentally clicking the wrong button and having Windows 10 force-fed down a feeding tube onto my computer Guantanamo style.

Comment Re:got one of those a few days ago... (Score 1) 62

I was rude to an aggressive telemarketer and since I hung up I've gotten 10+ calls every day on my cellphone from automated recordings all from different telemarketers. I guess he put me on every list he could find. I asked AT&T what they could do and they said 'register yourself on the federal do not call list'. Thanks, but I already did that before the call.

Comment Re:Rewarding Criminals! (Score 1) 38

You sound upset that you behaved, did as you were told, and didn't get rewarded.

You are a salesperson. Everyone is a salesperson no matter what field you are in, and the product is yourself. Build an interesting 'brand' around yourself and you will get interest. Be a good little worker-ant in a quiet back room and you will not get noticed no matter how good you are. Mustafa isn't being rewarded for his poor ethics, he is being rewarded for having an interesting story that gets attention despite his poor ethics. You can be sure the guy making the decision to put Mustafa in charge of keeping their money safe had to think hard about giving the keys to this hacker. Lulsec was as much about marketing themselves (fame, 'leet cred') as about hacking.

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