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Comment Re:What the heck... (Score 1) 31

It is about 1/128 of a library of congress in volume, so to convert to time you have to divide by how long it takes to walk through the library and multiply by an imaginary number, like SQRT(-1)*I+J.

(I'll let you know what I and J are, later, but those fudge factors can almost always make the answer come out right)

Comment Let's just hope it isn't a "class action" lawsuit (Score 5, Insightful) 66

All the checks I have ever received from class action lawsuits, by not opting "out", resulted in checks for less than a dollar. (or a coupon or something of similar trivial worth...)

And, I rarely "opt in" to an invitation, since I rarely feel like I was wronged (like "did you buy such-and-such a stock in 2003?"). The most lucrative "opt-in" was for a car company who overcharged on lease return "damage", and I thought "yeah, they did charge a lot for that door ding". I got $400-ish.

The last check out-of-the-blue, was from AT&T Mobile, for something like "they charged too much tax"; I got a check the other day for $0.02. (Of course, I have long since switched to another carrier, for half the price, and everyone in my family has made use of the free international roaming feature),

2 Cents? Really? Thank you, lawyers. I am sure you made more than 2 cents. To be fair, I got twice as much as my father-in-law. He got $0.01. The paper industry, the USPS, and many others got more than 2 cents to create and deliver my check. (Don't worry, I recycle paper... even thought that might cost more than it's worth...)

BTW: I am NOT going to cash the check, it goes in the collection of other checks that are too retarded for words.

Comment OT: another Clinton troll - "IS IS" (Score 1, Offtopic) 398

Yeah, in the debate last night, everyone thinks Trump made a mistake when he said Hillary has been "fighting ISIS her entire adult life".

Obviously ISIS hasn't been around that long, but the inside joke is that he didn't mean ISIS, he was referring to a certain guy who asked "what the meaning of IS IS".


Comment I already canceled (Score 1) 92

A few years ago, I asked my wife "Hey, do you watch almost $1000 a year worth of TV?". We decided we didn't.

Don't miss it, have Netflix and Amazon Prime, and a 30 antenna to watch the superbowl (and Downton Abby on PBS for the missus, in HD, off the air, for free.)

We can afford it, we just decided it was a waste of money.

Comment New non-Apple phone (Score 1) 204

I've never cared for iPhones, but my daughter has had both iPhone and Android phones.

Her iPhone 4s had plenty of issues (speakers, docking port, other stuff) so she went to a Samsung. Then she got an iPhone 6... which is now experiencing "issues" including the touch problem.

She says she is done with iPhones...

Comment Re:Nor can you say it will... (Score 1) 156

Well, your crap is not self-replicating, nor is it improving its "programming" (and we can all be thankful for that). I assume you flush.

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. We're all dead in the long run anyhow, and an inorganic legacy has a better chance of survival than flesh.

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