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Comment I already canceled (Score 1) 92

A few years ago, I asked my wife "Hey, do you watch almost $1000 a year worth of TV?". We decided we didn't.

Don't miss it, have Netflix and Amazon Prime, and a 30 antenna to watch the superbowl (and Downton Abby on PBS for the missus, in HD, off the air, for free.)

We can afford it, we just decided it was a waste of money.

Comment New non-Apple phone (Score 1) 204

I've never cared for iPhones, but my daughter has had both iPhone and Android phones.

Her iPhone 4s had plenty of issues (speakers, docking port, other stuff) so she went to a Samsung. Then she got an iPhone 6... which is now experiencing "issues" including the touch problem.

She says she is done with iPhones...

Comment Re:Nor can you say it will... (Score 1) 156

Well, your crap is not self-replicating, nor is it improving its "programming" (and we can all be thankful for that). I assume you flush.

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. We're all dead in the long run anyhow, and an inorganic legacy has a better chance of survival than flesh.

Comment Re:It's this kind of shit that makes you wonder... (Score 1) 95

And, how many times they have illegally learned of something bad(tm) that was about to go down and did nothing, because they had "bigger fish to fry"? (A la Enigma intelligence, letting ships go down...)

"Serve and Protect" unless we look bad. [See let a spy go as an "unregistered agend of a foreign government

If you are not connected, you are collateral.

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