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Comment And the Singularity is no cure... (Score 2) 108

Yeah, we're all gonna die.

Some day, you may be able to perform a very altruistic act, and donate your personality to the "singularity" (e.g. "upload yourself").

I say altruistic, since, YOU, of course, will still be dead.

If your virtualized self doesn't recognize the fact that it is not really you, I wouldn't want my avatar to have to deal with you, even virtually.

Sales feature for future "singularity" providers - add a virus checker to weed out such pompous personalities, and cater to a more humble crowd. (don't worry, there is no reason why one wouldn't be able to "upload" themselves to more than one provider. Heh, this means some of your virtual selves will resent your for their placement. Hopefully, "self-delete" will always be an option.

Comment Re:Better option... (Score 4, Interesting) 1368

You know it is up to each state to decide how to apportion their Electoral College votes. Only two states use proportional voting. The other 48 have "winner take all".

That's what doesn't seem fair, not the Electoral College system itself.

That said, there is a procedure to change the system, but it involves getting 38 states to agree to start the process...

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