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Submission + - Apple removes ESC key new Macbook "Pro" ( 2

fyngyrz writes: The Mac "Pro's" ESC key, used by many at the console / shell level, has apparently succumbed to overwhelming... courage. Er, design intent. Yeah, that's it. You have to admit, Apple is brave. No console-friendly person will be happy with this. I suspect that will be true to a degree where they'll be happy with... something other than a Macbook "Pro." BTW, those aren't "scare" quotes. Those are "no, wrong word" quotes. I could have gone with "pro[sic]", but... oy. Oh. And hey. You didn't want function keys, did you? Of course not... Okay, one hopes these missing features will at least sometimes, possibly, appear on the new touch bar, there to blunt the ends of your fingers as they use a key-striking habit to stomp on a touch surface.

Comment Re:Also, is it a la carte? (Score 1) 103

Again, if not it's worthless. I'm tired of paying for stations and content that I would never in a million years want to watch. If one penny of my money goes to Bravo, for instance, there is no amount of value you could add elsewhere which would persuade me to help pay for their "reality"-TV drivel.

I'm holding out for the day I can get a la carte channels. We pretty much watch AMC (Walking Dead) ,History (Vikings), BTN/ESPN/2/3 (college football & basketball), Fox (Gotham) and HBO (GOT, Westworld, movies, etc.). Also throw in a dash of CNN/Fox News to get both sets of propaganda, and I'd be good to go.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 355

the RNC explicitly chose not to organize against him which let the vote be split.

Naw, that's not what happened. The RNC preselected Jeb! just like the DNC preselected Hildawg. They had the wide field explicitly to split the vote so there'd be no stand-out and everyone would eventually fall behind Jeb. Same thing with Romney in 2012 where nobody actually wanted Romney, and you'd have the not-Romney of the week who would go up in the polls and then crash until you were left with "well fuck it I guess it's Romney." So this cycle first they were behind Yeb, but when he got low energied they switched to Rubio who short circuited and then Ted who wanted to fuck...rats...or something. Anyway the Fox News machine and the paid-for pundits were clearly shilling for whoever the flavor of the week was, but not Trump. Like Rush Limbaugh who works for ClearChannel which is owned by Bain Capital (Romney). Was all behind Jeb and Trump was dangerous and then Rubio was a "full-throated conservative" and then Ted was a "True Conservative" and is only now behind Trump because well fuck it.

So, no, the RNC explicitly split the field, and then implicitly united behind whoever they thought had the best shot of beating Trump.

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 3, Insightful) 173

Why someone would mark a perfectly valid question like this as "overrated"?

Because someone who doesn't like me has mod points. I've seen many of my comments modded down across several different threads. From what I understand, by modding someone overrated, your mod can't be metamoderated, so you don't lose moderation opportunities. But, it's just a message board, so it really doesn't bother me. I've got "karma" to burn. One of the reasons I always quote a person I'm replying to: If someone is modded down below the threshold, people will still know what my reply is about.

Comment "Preventing Crime" is not a noble goal (Score 1) 46

Crime prevention by repression (i.e. law enforcement) must never go beyond what is needed to keep society functioning. Otherwise you end up with a non-free society in the form of a police-state. Sure, crime is a nuisance, but absence of freedoms is an extreme problem. Even if the police were able to catch all criminals, it must never be allowed to do so. Note that I explicitly exclude preventing and reducing crime by improving living conditions, sense of community, education, etc. These activities are hugely desirable and moral, yet sadly lacking these days.

On the same note, all laws forbidding things are evil by their very nature. Only the ones where it can be demonstrated that they actually prevent significantly greater evil are morally acceptable. All others (and there are a lot) retain their property of being evil and the people making and enforcing them share that property.

Comment Re:Cui Bono? (Score 1) 355

You can't just assume it was the Russian government, as the evidence doesn't back that up. It could have been anyone from a Russian proxy, or the phishing attacks could be unrelated to the leaked email. i.e., they could have both stupid users who fall for phishing attacks, and disgruntled employees leaking their shit.

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