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Comment Re: So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 180

I hope your kids date black people and have little mixed babies...

If only everyone would do the same, we wouldn't have a race problem in this country any more. Racist fucks like you would be the same "race" as everyone else.

Maybe we could hate people for being ignorant and hateful instead of skin color. Would be great to see you up against the wall first.

Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 180

With all of the liberals and Jewish dudes calling in bomb threats to synagogues and knocking over Jewish headstones, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a false flag operation as well. Fucking crazy humans, the lot of you.

Manipulation of the public is way too easy, and by that I mean manipulation of individuals on a large scale. If you want to generate sympathy for your side and hatred of the other all you have to do is secretly attack your own side in a very public way that makes it easy for people to virtue signal. See the reference above or all of those black college students hanging up nooses in trees and painting the n-word on walls, fake rape accusations, etc. IT happens more often than you might think. Hate is so gauche that the people who thrive on it have to manufacture it now. The sad part is how much you all eat it up.

The really awesome part would be if these people thought they were being paid by Soros to generate interest in taking down the government but they were actually being paid by Trump's people to make the public upset at the liberal fringe elements.

It would be funny if it weren't so plausible.

Comment Re: I am very skeptical. (Score 1) 87

Just the fact that you use those silly google names to indicate android version shows how far up the posterior of google you are. So sad. Just refer to android versions by number so we can understand.

You're crazy, basically no one knows the numbers. Look at all the discussions in the press, ask around to people (among people who even know that there are different versions of Android). Everyone who knows anything about Android releases knows the dessert names. The numbers are enthusiast-only trivia.

Comment Re: RICO (Score 1) 180

If some of these protesters are being paid to do this, and if they have done it before (within the last 10 years), and if there is a common plaintiff then yes, there could be RICO charges.

That being said, its a super long shot and there would have to be a huge investigation into who was funding this kind of activity. This would not be like the Italian mob where their presence was known and their ability to avoid prosecution was a thorn in the side of law enforcement. This would be the discovery of a whole new organization, their objective being subversive attacks on the American political system from a faux grass roots perspective. A totally different animal than profit motivated mobsters.

With Trump in office, RICO charges would be the least of their worries.

Comment Missing operant term (Score 2) 180

The people arrested didn't seem to be the deluge of selfie taking people. The recommendation should be to simply not be violent at a protest so that you are not arrested, which results in the confiscation of your phone (and generally a good chuck of cash, and perhaps anal virginity).

I'm probably one of the most pro Free Speech people you will ever meet. Free Speech does not include any form of violence. See the Non Aggression Principle

Comment Great advice (Score 2, Interesting) 67

While sabotage is possible, so is carelessness from a soldiers assigned to the depot. When I was in the Army I was a member of a team who did pre ARTEP OPFOR. Supply units were horrible, the worst of the back lines units. It's boring work for the soldiers, leading to massive complacency and struggles with morale. Medical units were much more alert, much busier, and tended to have much higher morale.

Considering many of these depots are not as well constructed or older, it only takes a small accident to have a big result.

Comment Re:IN SOVIET RUSSIA (Score 1) 523

Do you ever get accused of acting just like Trump? You know, when you say something incredibly stupid, get called out on it, and then instead of admitting you effed up you just say it again, and louder hoping it will sound true. Well, if not, you sure are taking one from his playbook on this one.

Former Secretary of State Clinton assumed office in 2009 and stepped down in February of 2013.

Trump made that comment in July of 2016.

It is not a stretch to think that the 33,000 deleted emails Trump was referring to didn't all get sent on the last day of her tenure. Do you personally know of any intermediary servers that retain random emails and their contents for 3.5-7 years? Maybe a log of "to" and "from," but contents from the body? Even if they did, where the hell would you start to look? What you propose is like looking for a non-existent needle in a million invisible haystacks.

Come on man. Really?

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 1) 429

But in this context OP was selling socialism as a cure for the problem of Americans scrounging for $5. We're not talking about social services here. How are social services going to solve the problem of people busting ass for $5?

Your point would be valid if the topic were, say, Americans having shitty health care and so you want government to provide some of those services. But when the problem is "Americans don't have jobs so some are sucking dick for $5" and you say "time for socialism!" you're not talking "single-payer health care" socialism but "workers of the world unite" socialism, so my criticism is valid.

Comment Re:Unions are the answer. (Score 1) 429

Unions have their own problems.

Union boss: HEY! Company boss guy! You cant keep fucking your employees over!

CEO: Why? They seem to like it.

Union boss: Well its our turn to fuck them for a while. They have more than one hole. Just give us first dibs and you can occupy the other.

CEO: So I get to watch you fuck them while I fuck them too? Sounds like a win-win scenario for everyone!

Union boss: Great, glad that is settled. See you in Ibiza this summer?

CEO: No, I'll be at my place in the Hampton's this year. Want to join me?

Union boss: I would but my home there is being renovated. For 12 million you would think you wouldn't have to put in a tennis court and redo the entire master suite.

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