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Comment Re:Well there would be a lot of it (Score 1) 57

One of the best! (Maybe spoilerish!)

Explores the relevance of consciousness to intelligence and highlights the possibility that alien life is so different from us that our mere attempts at communication could be considered an assault.

If you haven't read his other works I suggest the Starfish/Rifters series in it's entirety. Almost all of his works are free on his website by the way.

Comment Neural modeling made easy (Score 1) 33

This seems to say that by interlinking subsets of binary decision modules you can simulate (or create?) a silicon based system that will approximate the decision tree of a biological entity. Toss in an additive memory system that enhances pattern recognition based on past experience (machine learning compatible?) and you have a system that will grow in discernment the way biological systems do. The trick would seem to be in modeling the appropriate type and number of these underlying modules, designing them to revise their output based on the relevant memory experience, and then assigning priority to the outputs from those modules, giving self preservation and threat detection precedence for instance.

(Half cocked speculation) I can see custom cores designed to evaluate input based on their own narrow realm of specialization (food, friend/foe, threat/non-threat, shelter, etc. could be analogous to other machine relevant inputs) and with their own memory stores of experiential reference material. These feeder cores would process input with regard to their own specialization and then hand off their individual result to another coordinating core designed to integrate results from the feeder cores. The coordinating core would have a prioritization system to weight the inputs and handle conflicts. The coordinating core would also build an experiential database comprised of inputs from the other core modules and the results of the decisions made from those inputs and the viability of the decisions.

Emergent phenomena and complexity would seem to be a logical result of the combination of a large array of interacting modules provided the output space is varied and robust.

Comment Re:Security is an illusion (Score 1) 153

There's just too much volume to track all the content everywhere.

There are 350 million people in the USA, more or less. Including kids not of age to use computers. One computer, just one, operates at billions of instructions per second (when the code is written in anything efficient, like c.) The NSA has a newish huge data center located on the main trunks.

You do the math. If you still think they can't sieve that amount of data effectively, why then, good on you for your optimism. :)

Comment No life, cannot evolve there (Score 1) 57

No phosphorous, it's as absolutely essential to any form of life as we know it as carbon is for more than one reason. It's a dealbreaker not to have it. No phosphorous, no life. And no there is not replacement for it, the hoopla over supposed replacement of it with arsenic in a certain bacteria has proven to be false. Replace phosphorus with arsenic and you get dead organism.

Comment Re:This was not a hard question (Score 1) 438

You've run off the rails not even understanding what is proposed.

Absolutely constiutional to register and track visitors to our country and alien residents. we do that already by the way. Special attention is already paid to immigrants and visitors from certain regions even as they enter the airport. again already in place and already constitutional.

by the way, even if a resident alien goes through the process of becoming a citizen their status can still be revoked, legally and constitutionally in certain cases, look it up.

this ISN'T a registration of muslim citizens nor was one proposed.

Comment Re:Hand out Playboys at every tech conference... (Score 1) 143

wouldn't work now, when I was a kid we'd joke about people who only read Playboy for the articles, but now it only has the articles. Because erotic photography featuring the disgusting ugly protoplasm that is the nude female body is eviiiiiil !!!!!!

nice websites with the photos from the 1950s to now are out there, free. Your search engine of choice is your friend.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 3, Interesting) 438

Nice post. It seem that modern journalism, instead of informing the public, is selling our biases back to us in a mad rush to produce page clicks. The result is an echo chamber effect on a national scale that balkanizes the electorate into self-selecting political entities, blind to the overall facts and hopelessly spun in the direction of their original predilections. See also the rise of Facebook as an adjunct to the news media, where users control what news they see by blocking uncomfortable or non-congruent sources.

Not only does this create division, but the inherent bias that draws in the targeted groups serves as a mental barrier to entry for non-aligned groups. As long as there is a safe harbor for intellectually and politically similar ideas from one news source, and other sources violate the entrenched norms and standards with biased reporting designed for another group, mobility from one ideological clade to another is limited. Plainly stated, when news outlets produce content which is canted towards a politically limited audience the underlying facts are presented in a way that prevents consumption by individuals with non-aligned ideals. This produces extremely polarized individuals, not only blind to any other interpretations of the issues, but also belligerent to representatives and outlets that contradict their viewpoints.

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