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Comment Re:Good. Now pardon Snowden. (Score 1) 343

By that standard, we'd need to kill dozens of people based on Snowden's leaks and they were not even fired.

And given Mr. Trumps extreme antagonism for Russia in 2014 but extreme love for Russia by 2015, I suspect he'd end up in front of a firing squad as well.

I think they've got something unforgivable on him. Like video of the violent rape of a teen girl. Something that even a pardon won't really fix.

Comment Re:Infrastructure vs Independence (Score 1) 423

You suck at brain-work. You've forgotten about all of the people who live on the east side of the mountain, but used to live on the west side of the mountain.

You've, instead, re-stated my point. The reason that the mountains aren't full of people is exactly because there was fuel to let them continue on to the other side.

No, he's quite right. Most people don't drive through mountain ranges on a regular basis. I don't, and I live in the mountains. And have an electric car.

Of course, if your lifestyle does include driving hundreds of miles on a regular basis, then EVs aren't for you. Not yet, anyway. But that doesn't change the fact that they work very well for lots of other people.

Comment Re:DVD's costing $15-49 is killing DVD sales. (Score 1) 204

There is only value to ownership when you are going to reuse the item.

Otherwise, you are just prepping yourself to be on the next season of "Hoarders".

I stopped buying DVD's when I found I was rewatching less than 1% of what I bought.

As I get older, I rewatch less.

There is a glut of entertainment right now. I can spend 20 hours a week on Youtube (Lindybeige, Primitive Technology, official Music Videos, Stunning things like 10,000 japanese singing "Ode to Joy" in german, the Young Turks) and not even scratch the surface.

Comment They have it backwards (Score 1) 204

Someday long before Netflix was even started (Blockbuster was still big), I realized I was spending $60 a week on DVDs which i would watch once and then go onto the shelves.

For a while, I would wait until they dropped to 5 bucks and buy them then.

I stopped buying that day and have bought 3 DVD's since (one of which- Inception- I thought I would watch a lot but actually I watched it twice).

Netflix didn't stop me from buying DVD's.

I really hate the pricing model for DVD's. As I get older, I rewatch and reread less and less content.

Comment Re:Explore the ocean depths (Score 1) 93

I mostly agree with you, but you're leaving out the critical factor, which is the motivation for the people who stay behind on earth to develop and fund this project. The US got a return on the investment of going to the moon: USA #1 FUCK COMMIES. If we could establish a moon or mars base without breaking the bank it would be similarly useful. Commercialization of anything beyond satellites seems a long way off, but there are at least ideas in development about asteroid mining although the engineering challenges are still daunting. Everybody loves to talk about the trillions of tons of platinum in them thar asteroids, but they don't mention that minerals on earth have been concentrated by eons of geological, hydrological, and biological processes that didn't take place on a dead asteroid. There's tons of platinum! There's an atom over there and an atom over there and an atom over there...

But as far as launching an interstellar colony mission that will take 10k years (earth frame of reference), those people will have (figuratively) fallen out of the light cone of human civilization. Might as well have been swallowed by a black hole. No one will hear back from them for 20k years. No resources will ever be traded between the homeworld and the colony. There is no good PR, there is no ROI, just vast resources shot into space to be forgotten about after the next celebrity scandal knocks the launch out of the news cycle.

I imagine launching such a mission would be one of the most expensive endeavors in human history. And there is absolutely nothing in it for anyone who stays behind on earth, not even the satisfaction of "well at least somewhere else humans have survived if we all die" because everyone on earth who had any part in making the mission happen will have been dead for 10k years before the colonists arrive and 20k years before their descendents (twice as far removed from us as we are from the cavemen) could hear back.

Any attempt to fund such a mission will be met with very obvious responses: "that sounds neat, but what's in it for us? And don't we have plenty of other problems to which we could direct these resources?"

You would have to make it cheap enough that nobody cares that some nutjobs are taking off to the far corners of the galaxy on their own dime. And that ain't happening without new physics.

Comment Re:Potential military applications are really scar (Score 1) 76

I hear this a lot, but with the one child policy I don't think they want their one and only child killed.

Sure, most people love their children, but then you have this issue: China's biggest problem? Too many men

30 million more men than women by 2020. Don't you think that's going to cause some problems?

Comment Re: He cheated OTHER players (Score 1) 393

If the house were doing it knowingly and willingly to cheat the player they would lose their gambling license and be subject to all kinds of criminal laws and civil lawsuits. Any casino doing that would be mind-numblingly stupid because they don't need to cheat...the games are already in their favor so they'll win in the long run and over a large customer base. Cheating an individual player would be stupid, because one of those minimum wage casino employees would rat them out and there goes the gravy train.

The difference here is intent. The house didn't intentionally choose marked cards and use them to cheat the players. They didn't know the cards had an asymmetric pattern and didn't use that fact to cheat.

Comment Re:wake me up when elon musk announces this (Score 1) 136

He's also a target of the Republican party... which I have NO idea why. I mean, aren't we supposed to celebrate entrepreneurs?

Is he? I can't recall ever hearing a Republican say anything cross about Musk. I will occasionally see libertarians roll their eyes at Musk fanboys because Musk relied so heavily on government subsidies, but that's about it. What are you talking about?

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