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Comment Re:For variable values of "practical" and "relevan (Score 1) 125

So out of 172 root CAs only 14 include any path length restrictions, and even the ones who do still allow some chaining.


We're doomed.

I don't think the SHApocalypse will be tomorrow. This was an identical-prefix attack instead of a chosen-prefix which constrains the attacker considerably, and the computation required is much higher even to generate simple collisions. However, (again, please correct me if I'm missing something) it does seem plausible that that further weaknesses will be found which provide just enough leverage to forge a signature with one of those 172 CAs, and we may eventually see a rogue sha1WithRSAEncryption CA issued.

I concur, completely.

Comment BS, and more BS (Score 1) 96

Not that long ago most of the "jobs American's won't do" were done exactly by Americans. Simple labor was done by high school kids (with record low labor participation rates today), Students on break from College (also record low labor participation), or entry level jobs for people not sure what to do with their careers (now mostly unemployed).

Employers given the ability to pay illegal workers less money and work them more hours has led to a lack of entry level and low level jobs. Why would a farmer hire young adults, especially considering the restrictions the State puts on workers below 18 and pay minimum wage? Why pay them more than minimum wage even if they are extremely productive? They won't, because they can get more labor at less money and not have to worry about anyone from State looking at how they treat labor.

To your last point: "ME" is the most important thing in many relationships, not "WE". That message and value has been preached by both 2nd and 3rd wave feminists since the 70s. Feminists 3rd wave has been so vocal that we now have groups of MGTOWS, massive low rates of marriage, low birthrate (which to many is the point of those movements), and a society growing more and more immoral/degenerate. Further, you can't be so foolish as to not understand that gold diggers exist. Unfortunately this means that if you want old fashioned family values, it may be easier to import them. Your slight is a troll.

Comment Re:And the mic? (Score 1) 42

I have a 6s as does my wife and son, and an iPhone 5 before that, and we've never had these issues.

I have a 6+ (over 2 years now), and an iPhone 4 before that. I haven't had any of the oft reported issues on either, such as "antennagate", "bendgate", or random shutdowns. Not sure if I'm lucky, or if some users are doing weird stuff with their phones.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 224

Once again, you speak from a position of authority which is completely devoid of evidence. How many people are currently using self-driving cars without the ability to operate a vehicle? How many of those same people have been involved in accidents?

Can you provide an argument without inventing fantasy arguments with no basis in reality? Yeah, I thought so.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score -1, Troll) 224

So your supposition is that the only people involved in accidents have been 80 year old women? How about some numbers which demonstrate that even a single innocent 80 year old male or female have been the victims of accidents in self-driving cars? The extreme absurdity of your point makes it clear that you don't wish to have rational dialogue on the subject. Many (not to be confused with most) accidents have been DRIVER error, not computer error. This would back my original statement which you seem to grasp but lose in your "poor old lady" appeal to emotion.

Comment Re:Disagree (Score 1) 904

I learned long ago that I cannot prove anything on the Internet.

Then perhaps you should consider that your knowledge and opinion are not well founded. I demonstrated here that there are no right wing groups attempting to squash first amendment rights with violence, and you have not been able to refute that point. In fact you simply dropped it because you can't provide any such evidence so realize your opinion is based on delusion. I gave the correct scientific answer to gender and sex, to which you make another false claim about perception meaning more than facts.

I'd agree that I can't make you provide or listen to facts, but that has nothing to do with Internet. That is your failure to adhere to logic and reason. Those same short comings are found all over, and I have no problem pointing out those failures when I see them. I further don't bend my own opinions based on "feels" over facts.

Comment Oh noes! (Score 1) 246

A piece of rare meta poised to revolutionize modern technology and take humans into deep space has been lost in a laboratory mishap.

What kind of rare meta was it? Meta internet memes? Slashdot Meta-moderation? I just hope it wasn't the meta of leaving comments on Slashdot about the poor editing of content on Slashdot, or this post might disappear in a puff of logic!

Comment Re:Shift from offering products to exploiting user (Score 1) 153

I see zero reason to keep the Electoral College.

Because removing it turns the country into an empire ruled from the cities. The EC balances out different cultures. Without it absolutely no concerns of rural Americans would be addressed. As an American living in a rural area, this is not in my interest.

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