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Comment Re:Maybe he just wanted to shoot them in cold bloo (Score 1) 184

To elaborate a bit, it's obvious that Africa isn't in great shape right now. But it should also be acknowledged that things _are_ improving, at least at the moment.

Extreme poverty is on the decline, though work is ongoing (poverty statistics, poverty report) and it seems like Africa is overall starting to move into Stage 3 of population growth (In a Nutshell - Overpopulation)

So colonialism fucked the place up, things are _generally_ getting better since then, but it's still going to take awhile (and more hard work.)

Comment Re:It's good to be reminded (Score 4, Informative) 184

They're DEMANDING that "Major English Poets" not be taught at all - by the university English Literature department - because they're white Europeans.

Are you unaware that "Major English Poets" is the name of a series of classes? And that those classes are a requirement for all students? (Citation)

So they're not demanding the removal of all major English poets as crybaby snowflakes like you seem to think, they just seem to want that series of classes replaced with something more diverse. Something which could include Shakespeare but _also_ non-Europeans. (Or maybe they'd be okay with just eliminating "Major English Poets" as a singular requirement and allowing students to pick from a diverse set of literature classes to fulfill their requirement instead.)

Comment That name (Score 1) 128

"it's clear that the Fuchsia is the actual name of the operating system"

I have no problems with the color itself, but i don't want to have to either spell or pronounce "Fuchsia" on a regular basis when talking about my phone or looking up stuff about it on the internet. Also Fuchsia seems like a horrible idea for a mascot.

Either this is a really poor choice, or somebody (possibly me) is misunderstanding what is meant by "actual name of the operating system." (If it's just a code name during development and the _real_ actual name will end up being something else that's fine.)

Comment Thank you BeauHD for more proof (Score 0, Flamebait) 85

I'm hoping everyone on Slashdot posting here understands what an algorithm actually is.

My guess is they don't, because BeauHD obviously doesn't in his rush to slam trumpet.


To put in layman terms - everything automated takes parameters and creates a result. It's because people make a sorta flowchart that draws on information and slam bam Kazam - outputs a result.

Which is now evil because of Trump.

Whipslash, please, I'm begging.

Tell him to stop shifting the site to SJW and EnviroNazi!

Comment WikiLeaks is a different beast (Score 2) 890

In response to these events, WikiLeaks has tweeted "Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns after destabilization campaign by US spies, Democrats, press."


Wow. WikiLeaks has become a completely, utterly, totally different animal from what they were when they started out.

Submission + - Bradley Kuhn's Copyleft Keynote at FOSDEM (sfconservancy.org)

Jeremy Allison - Sam writes: I saw this talk live. Bradley did an amazing job ! I would recommend anyone interested in Copyleft or Free Software licensing or the Software Freedom Conservancy to watch !

(Disclosure, I'm on the Conservancy Board of Directors).

Comment Cyanogen Mod Folding Isn't Surprising (Score 1) 145

A group whose business plan was, "don't bother us, if one of us feels like supporting a device we will, and if we decide to stop supporting it at a whim, we will... and did we mention? Don't bother us to ask us to support anything, we will if we feel like it." Unfortunately the reason many open source products suck. And I LIKE Linux. But only groups that understand that the software isn't the reason for the business, the people who use the software and their business requirements are. Redhat, Canonical (and derivatives), Suse, Open/Libre Office, Apache Foundation, PostgreSQL, etc. THEY get it. Your users are why you are in business, not your personal whims.

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